51st Annual Canadian Employee Benefits Conference

The Canadian KRC Leader, Karen DeBortoli, will present Myths & Misconceptions – The Realities of Women in Retirement (November 19th) and Pension Division on Marriage Breakdown (November 20th).

Las Vegas

Conference of Consulting Actuaries

De-risking trends in private and public-sector retirement programs: The panelists will discuss their experiences with different ways to de-risk pension plan liabilities in both private and public-sector pension plans. The panel will address how effective the various approaches are in reducing employer risks in the short and long terms, the costs associated with the de-risking approaches and the extent to which retirement related risks are shifted to employees. Hosted by Aaron Shapiro of Buck and Lawrence J. Sher of October Three LLC.


Conference of Consulting Actuaries

Wellness Everything – Health, Wealth, Life, and Everything in Between: The recent surge of wellness-type programs has introduced financial wellbeing into play alongside the more traditional physical health programs; however, comprehensive programs that truly integrate all wellness aspects in the broadest sense are still in their infancy.  Presenters discuss the latest trends and developments in the wellness arena and the challenges faced in building out a total program.  We will also take a deeper dive into some of the wellness component and how they interact with each other, including  financial literacy and management, retirement planning, physical and emotional health, and voluntary benefits. Hosted by David Scharf and Lori Block.

2019 Corporate Health and Wellness Summit - Developing Sustainable Wellness Programs to Improve Outcomes

Empathy: The Key to Improving Your Wellbeing Program’s “Fit(ness)”: This conference will provide insights and perspectives on the journey from introducing a wellness plan to making it a long-term sustainable program, focusing on employees’ physical, financial, mental, emotional and social well-being. Hosted by Lori Block and Betsy Woods Brooks.

Scottsdale, AZ

Osgoode 2019 Pension Law Certificate

Osgoode Professional Development, 1 Dundas St. West. As part of Osgoode PD’s 2019 Pension Law Certificate, Karen DeBortoli, KRC Leader, will present on Ontario Pension Law Reform.

Mississauga, ON

Council on Employee Benefits annual conference

Attendees: Ruth Hunt and Lori Block.

2019 Enrolled Actuaries Meeting

405 – Credibility (Non-Mortality): Mortality credibility has received a lot of attention recently, in part due to IRS regulations.  But credibility concepts have broader application across the spectrum of experience reviews and assumption setting.  In light of ASOP 25, and increased auditor scrutiny, actuaries should understand the role of Credibility with a capital “C”.  This session presents techniques used in experience studies, including approaches not specifically encompassed by ASOP 25 as Credibility methods. Hosted by Stuart Schulman.

Washington, DC

2019 Southwest Benefits Association annual conference

Financial Wellbeing & Voluntary Benefits: Can managing employee benefits be an easy job, like, toes in the sand, life on the beach easy? At the Southwest Benefits Conference, you can meet with other benefits professionals that are learning how to do Benefits Better. This conference features subject matter experts from all over the country and employer case-studies from those that know how to make managing an employee benefits plan easier for you and better for your company. Hosted by Tom Kelly.

Galveston, TX

Conference of Consulting Actuaries

Fun with Funding: Strategies for Big and Small Plans (the Single Employer Plan Edition): With recent economic changes, many single employer plan sponsors are now taking a fresh look at their funding policy.  Presenters review the current state of pension plan funding and look at specific strategies to use in making funding decisions from multiple  perspectives, including small and large plans, short-term and long-term, ongoing and frozen.  Special consideration will be given to tax deduction and accounting implications, borrow to fund strategies, and managing credit balances. Hosted by David Scharf.

Past Events

American Benefits Council Board of Directors Fall Meeting

As the American Benefits Council (ABC) representative, Laurie will present at the Board of Directors Fall mtg. Attendees include major corporations, including clients and competitors. Buck has gotten clients/work from our relationship with ABC. Hosted by Laurie DuChateau.