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    Webinar: Prepare for increased unemployment benefit costs as part of your workforce strategy

    Topic: Learn how your company can implement unemployment benefit programs to prepare for increased costs and assist displaced employees.

    Speakers: Eileen Cohen, Mary Roth, and Gage Stille (Buck) and Joe Kane (Total Management Solutions)

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    Past events

    Webinar: Compliance implications of the American Rescue Plan Act on employment, health, and welfare benefits – what comes next?

    Topic: We’ll discuss COBRA subsidies, increased dependent care assistance, employer-provided sick and family leave, and more, to determine the impact on employers, benefit plans, and employees.

    Speakers: Laurie DuChateau, Rich Stover, Nancy Vary

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    Webinar: Relief and options for pension plans: Key considerations of the American Rescue Plan Act

    Topic: The new legislation provides welcome cash funding relief and funding flexibility for pension plan sponsors. We’ll discuss how and when single employer plans might implement the different provisions.

    Speakers: Scott Kropf and Tonya Manning

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    Webinar: Getting COVID-19 shots in employee arms

    Topic: Challenges facing health and benefits teams and how to develop a roadmap to hasten the return of a more normal work environment

    Speakers: Kelly Conlin, Jennifer du Toit, Leah Reynolds

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    Innovations in HR: How to make an impact on your people’s wellbeing in 2021

    Topic: Practical guidance on how to establish the right programme of wellbeing support for your employees

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    GMP equalisation: New year, new focus

    Topic: A webinar in partnership with Squire Patton Boggs, providing information and tools for putting GMP equalisation into practice

    Speakers: Mark Williams (Buck), Kirsty Bartlett (Squire Patton Boggs)

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    Webinar: What’s next for benefits? The impact of the 2020 election on health, retirement, and labor policies

    Topic: The outcome of the election, the White House’s agenda, and the 117th Congress

    Speakers: Laurie DuChateau, Jane Lee, Rich Stover, Nancy Vary

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    Webinar: Workforce trends: The emotional toll of COVID-19 and why it matters

    Topic: A new employee wellbeing survey shows U.S. workers continue to struggle emotionally. We’ll discuss the results and strategies to meet evolving employee needs.

    Speakers: Kelly Conlin, Ruth Hunt, and John Penrose (Leading Indicator Systems)

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    Webinar: The U.S. elections and the global economic outlook

    Topic: Global economic trends, the U.S. financial markets, and the upcoming U.S. elections and potential policy implications.

    Speakers: Bill Priest (Barron’s Roundtable member, Epoch Investment Partners), Mike Mecca (Buck), and Sarvesh Soi (Buck)

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    Webinar: Cost containment strategies for higher education: How to build an agile compensation and reward framework

    Topic: Join us for a discussion on how your college or university can build a more responsive career framework to support long-term sustainability.

    Speakers: Mike Chalmers and Amy Heinze

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