GMP equalisation is a marathon, not a sprint – but who is edging ahead?

GMP equalisation is a marathon, not a sprint – but who is edging ahead?

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Ok.  You join us in the toughest race in UK pensions history: the GMP Equalisation Marathon (sponsored by Lloyds Bank).  We’ve only just passed the Cutty Sark, the repeated theme of Chariots of Fire hasn’t yet got boring and there is some distance to travel, but it’s already been gripping stuff and we’re starting to get a feeling for how the rest of the race may pan out.

Method A1, Method A2 and Method A3 found the early going pretty tough; they have already ‘hit the wall’ and have all but withdrawn from the race already.  To be honest, they only took part to make up the numbers, and their training was insufficient to handle the complexity of the route.

Method C2 took the lead at the gun, having been specially selected by the event sponsors to do so.  However, Method C2 has demonstrated a tendency to over-complicate matters, exhibiting irregular stride patterns.  Method C2 was fairly soon caught-up and overtaken by other methods – but there are signs that Method C2 is learning from their mistakes, so don’t discount the possibility of a late surge.

Method C1 is the younger sibling of method C2; they have a reasonable pedigree but are lacking any outstanding traits and so are unlikely to seriously challenge the leaders.

Much of the pace setting thus far has been done by Method D2, hitting the front with a confident swagger.  At one stage it looked like Method D2 might break away from the pack, simplifying the race and avoiding the complexity of all that jockeying for position.  However, in the last few miles they have started to get a bit sweaty and their swagger has diminished, as if it became clear to them that this was all going to be tougher than they expected. Moreover, Method D2 has a broad spectrum of capabilities and at any given moment you can never be sure ‘which Method D2’ will show up.  Don’t get me wrong, Method D2 is very much one to watch, but their odds have lengthened somewhat.

Despite being the preferred runner of most spectators, Method D1 unfortunately was disqualified for wearing illegal ‘Alphafly’ footwear and never made it to the starting line.

Method E doesn’t actually exist (yet), so it’s difficult to say exactly what they are capable of, or whether they are even in the race.

Method B sat behind the leading pack in the opening exchanges, performing somewhat unspectacularly but maintaining a steady cadence.   The longer the race has gone on, the more they have seen their rivals falter and the more Method B, by keeping things a little simpler, has edged towards the front.  Yes, they had to invest a little more in their running gear than their rivals, but the signs are that they might have the right balance of attributes to go the distance.

So, as you can see, it has all been pretty dramatic and exciting so far. It certainly looks like it will remain a close-run thing, all the way to Pall Mall.  But for now, back to the studio…

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