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Advanced people analytics to get your workforce from where it is today to where it needs to be tomorrow

When you look at your data across programs at the same time, in one place, you get actionable insights with predictive people analytics.

Are you getting the right ROI out of your people programs?


Don’t think you know.Know you know.™

An individual who thrives in their professional, physical, and financial wellbeing succeeds in life. Those who thrive also drive significant value to an organization. Measuring, monitoring, and predicting this alignment is a game changer for you and your people.

We help companies make smarter decisions, faster. But there’s also a human side. We look at the whole individual, aggregate all relevant data across programs (HR and non-HR), and apply 100+ years of consulting experience to draw valuable insights. For example, we’ll look at an organization’s population health and absentee data alongside plan participation and rewards data, and then compare it to productivity data to identify compelling corollaries between wellbeing and business impact.

By offering both the front-end user experience for the individual as well as the back-end data aggregator, we can predict the likely impact of program design changes, communication outreach, and even market forces — and then measure actual impact over time by being the eyes and ears of your workforce. With integrated modeling capabilities, and based on your organizational trends, you can see where things like headcount, geographic distribution, payroll, diversity, or productivity are likely to be in a few years.

Armed with data, we offer the insight needed to drive your people strategy.

How we can help

Meaningful metrics across data sets

With access to all your data in one view, you can draw correlations across platforms. For example, gathering general ledger, time billing, and HRIS data can be used to calculate a revenue per employee metric for your billable resources or drawing data from procurement, payroll, learning management, and talent management systems can give an accurate view of your on-boarding process.

Data your way

Every dashboard allows you to choose the elements you want, how you want them displayed, and the sequence in which they appear, and you can apply filters to any dashboard to see details by department, geography, role, ethnicity, business unit. You can also set alerts to be immediately notified by email or text message when a threshold has been crossed or a target value achieved.

Descriptive analytics

bEquipped can gather data from multiple disparate sources to give you a single integrated view of your data. You can look at your productivity per employee, headcount distribution, diversity statistics and more without having to go to multiple different systems.

Predictive analytics

Having all your key HR data in a single place allows you to look to the future. Predictive analytics shows you where your current trends will carry you and allows you to model adjustments in the data to see how different scenarios could impact your organization.

Prescriptive analytics

Using patterns in your data, drawing correlations from the various sources, and using historical trend information, prescriptive analytics can provide recommendations on potential actions you could take to address situations including increased pharmaceutical costs, shifts in your plan design, or heightened employee awareness of certain benefit offerings.


From standalone analytics with a few key dashboards to a fully integrated consulting and business insight solution, choose your right fit today and plan for the best fit tomorrow.

Quick start

With more than 17 preconfigured dashboards, the path to predictive analytics is within reach. If you have requirements that aren’t covered by predefined dashboards, they can be added quickly, easily, and with little cost.


People analytics

Gathers data across disparate sources to create a complete picture of your workforce and delivers actionable insights that guide your strategic people decisions.

Plan analytics

Consolidates your plan utilization data to offer clarity into what’s working — and what’s not — so you can focus your spend on the programs your people need and want.

Health care analytics - Our health care analytics solution allows you to see employer-specific health care expense estimates customized to your plan design, employee demographics, and budget-to-actual monthly medical and prescription claims, helping you predict future health care costs.

Global plan management - An integrated HR plan management tool that simplifies the organization and delivery of your full suite of benefit services and programs. With a wide array of customizable programs, you have data and decision-support tools at your fingertips to help you keep track of all of your benefit plans and meet your risk, governance, and compliance requirements in each country in which you operate — regardless of whether you have benefit programs in one country or multiple countries.

Process analytics

Provides a global view of your processes from on-boarding to your benefit policies, pricing, renewals, benchmarks, and performance, alerting you to the actions you need to take to stay a step ahead on compliance and regulatory requirements.


Don’t think you know. Know you know.™

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