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Wake Up to Workplace Wellbeing: Mental Health Awareness Week

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Following on from last week’s focus on physical wellbeing, this week we look at the number one disability in the UK, as stated by the NHS: mental illness. There has been an increased amount of focus in this area as part of wellbeing programmes because of the debilitating nature of a mental health issue. A study from the UK’s Faculty of Public Health shows that 43% of all absence are related to mental health issues costing the economy approximately £25bn per annum.[ctt title=”Mental illness is the no. 1 disability in the UK. Address it in your wellness programme.” tweet=”Great resources on optimising #mentalhealth and #workplace #wellbeing in this blog post by @MartynAnwyl http://ctt.ec/Y0Z97+” coverup=”Y0Z97″]

Visit our Wake-up to Workplace Wellbeing webpage for a summary of the key findings from our global survey on mental health (and contact us for more in-depth information). We also have an article from Dr Cliff Bucknall, Consultant Cardiologist at the London Bridge Hospital, on the links between mental health and heart disease.

We then look at some of the more recent additions to wellbeing programmes. Firstly, Headspace is a company that specialises in mindfulness, allowing  ease of accessibility from a mobile phone or tablet. Headspace suggests that regular mindfulness practice, through meditation, is an effective treatment for stress, worry, lack of focus, relationship problems, addictions and more. It can apparently lead to peace of mind and wellbeing, greater focus and creativity, and better relationships. They are offering 10 sessions for free if you register via their website.

We also have an overview from Spafinder Wellness that looks at the benefits of relaxation and introduces their facility as a necessity and not a luxury for your wellbeing programme. Plus, you can find details about a programme called Mental Health First Aid, aimed at promoting good mental health in your company.

Finally, we are also holding a joint seminar with MetLife which focusses on the risk of poor mental health in your workforce and the impact this has on both your employees and the business. To demonstrate how big a focus this is for organisations, the first event (this week) filled up in one day, so we have put on a second event which is also fully booked. If you’re interested in future seminar sessions, complete the form on the event page.

So, we have a wide range of  topics this week that will hopefully give you food for thought with your wellbeing programme. Don’t forget that we are hosting a Twitter Q&A session on 30th September, 11am-12pm. Please feel free to submit questions in advance or join the debate using #BuckWellbeing.