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Report: 2024 Wellbeing and Voluntary Benefits Survey

Report: 2024 Wellbeing and Voluntary Benefits Survey

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The fifth biennial 2024 Wellbeing and Voluntary Benefits Survey explores employee wellbeing and how U.S. employers rate the financial, social, physical, and mental health of their workforce. The data offers insight into how organizations are using voluntary benefits to support employee wellbeing, enhance benefit programs, and attract and retain talent.

The research was supplemented with a sample of employees working for large U.S. employers, so it is possible to compare the views of the employee — the ultimate “consumer” of wellbeing and benefit programs — with views of HR decision-makers.

The survey collected responses from 255 employer participants and 698 employees in November 2023. Both the employer and employee samples are representative of large U.S. employers. The employer sample is representative of Bureau of Labor Statistics U.S. business data in terms of number of employees, industry, and regions of the U.S. The employee sample is representative of the U.S. workforce in terms of gender, race, and age.

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