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Scared grateful of spells, charms, and being thankful

Scared grateful of spells, charms, and being thankful

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Have you watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it, though it isn’t for young children. (I also highly recommend the whole amazing Harry Potter series of books by J. K. Rowling, for anyone over age 7, as they are beautifully written, with complex plots, multi-dimensional characters and intricate detail. Perfect for family story time through this period of quarantine.)

But, getting back to the point, there is a scene in this particular film that resonated with me in a way that it didn’t when I watched it before. The enemy is at the gates of the castle-like school and the most skilled wizards are called on to protect the building and the people within. As they cast the charms that will inevitably hold their attackers off for only a short time, I found myself relating to how they must feel.

It’s the only magic we have, but it works!

I am washing my hands and practicing social distancing as charms to protect the people I care about from the attack of this enemy virus. These are all the magic I have and all the magic most of us have.

And somehow, they do seem to be working. Like the charms did for Harry Potter, our careful hygiene and physical distancing has bought time for our medical community. To date, we have prevented the overwhelming of our hospitals and our healthcare workers. We have bought time for experts to hone the treatment and advance the potential of a vaccine.

So, while we all struggle with the changes that have come about as a result of COVID-19, I remain grateful for all the advantages we have, especially here in North America, where we are late to the party. I can continue to eat nourishing food and take life-sustaining drugs thanks to so many people who are working in the supply chain. I can stay in contact with the important people in my life thanks to technology. I am warm in my house because in this war there are no bombs knocking down the walls or ripping off the roof.

I have an abundance of things to be grateful for and those are the blessings I will count every day, even while I remain afraid that the spells may fail at some point and the walls may come tumbling down.

Practice your own spells. Wash your hands, stay home, stay grateful, stay healthy. Maybe we will be able to skip ahead to the happy ending.