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Conduent HRS in the media last week

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U.S., Health System Management, Health System Management: Employers’ Role in Moving Transgender Healthcare Forward

“Employers are now beginning to spend healthcare dollars to ensure their transgender employees receive the same level of benefits as their cisgender employees (people whose self-identity conforms with the gender that corresponds to their biological sex).” by Margaret Botney, senior consultant in the Conduent HR Services’ Engagement Practice.

U.S., Digitalized Magazine, Technology Revolutionizing Workplace Wellness,

“Xerox Human Resources Services [now Conduent] conducted a 2015 survey of 200+ employers, in which 37 percent reported using wearable technology; another 37 percent said they were planning to adopt the technology in the years ahead.”

U.S., Forbes, How You Can Build A More Resilient Workforce

“According to a survey from Conduent HR Services, 22% of companies already have resilience programs, and 28% are planning to offer them soon.”


U.S., Fortune, How to Apply the ‘3 Strikes Rule’ at Work

“If you’re working on a project and it’s not turning out as expected, I suggest failing three times before giving up on it. For every missed attempt, apply your lessons learned to the next try—and make sure you are using new and innovative techniques.” by Dean Aloise, global HR consulting leader at Conduent HR Services.


U.S., NPR Morning Edition, States Create A Patchwork Of Regulations For Employers To Follow

“We’re at the point where it appears that every few months, another law is popping up somewhere that may change your calculus.” Nancy Vary, Director, Knowledge Resource Center.