Seminar: Health in the workplace: the wider impact of women’s health

    Topic: Highlighting factors impacting not only women themselves but families, colleagues, and companies overall.

    Speakers: Steven Desborough (Buck), Alison Green (WOMBA), Sarah Taylor (AXA PPP), Dr Tania Adib (Queen’s Hospital London)

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    Seminar: Finding a cure: Strategies for tackling the high cost of prescription drugs

    Keynote speaker: Ted Kennedy, Jr.

    Buck panel: Ruth Hunt, Dave Gillen, Gail Levenson, Scot Marcotte, Rich Stover

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    Webinar: Conference of Consulting Actuaries

    Topic: Fun with Funding: Strategies for Big and Small Plans (the Single Employer Plan Edition)

    Speaker: David Scharf

    MaritzCX Experience Forum – The future of experience insight: A 2020 vision

    Speakers: Carter Ahl and Scot Marcotte

    Presentation title: Capturing PX insight – A closer look into the future

    Location: New York, NY

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    Seminar: Effective investment decisions

    Speakers: Celene Lee (Buck), Ian Cormican (Sackers), Carl Hitchman (Buck), Peter Dean (Buck)

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    Conference: Business Research Intelligence Network’s Onsite Employee Health Clinics Summit

    Topic: Onsite clinic management models: How to determine what model is right for your organization

    Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

    Speaker: Jeanne Griffin, Buck

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    Past Events

    Conference of Consulting Actuaries Annual Meeting

    Sponsorship: Women in Consulting Community Forum and Community Networking Reception

    Session topic: Women in the Consulting Community: An interactive panel discussion focusing on creating an inclusive environment in the workplace

    Panelists: Tonya Manning, Melissa Chacko

    Session Time: Oct. 29, 4:00 -5:00 p.m.

    Networking reception: 5:15- 6:15 pm

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    Webinar: The new social contract between employers and employees (hosted by MaritzCX)

    Topic: Proven employee engagement strategies that will reinvigorate the customer experience

    Speakers: Scot Marcotte (Buck), Betsy Woods Brooks (Buck), Stacy Bolger (MaritzCX)

    Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (ET)

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    Seminar: Bridging gaps without breaking rules: Improving your talent acquisition outcomes (hosted by Reed Smith)

    Topic: Disrupting the hiring experience: A small group interactive workshop

    Speaker: Stacey Babyak

    Topic: Best practices and legal requirements when recruiting and hiring new talent

    Speaker: Leah Reynolds

    Time: 8:00AM – 1:30PM

    Location: Fairmont Pittsburgh, Knox Room

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    Conference: CUPA-HR Annual Conference & Expo 2019

    Topic: No More Guessing: Competitive, Equitable and Defensible Pay Programs

    Speakers: Lydia Hatcher and Amy Heinze

    Location: Denver, CO

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    PLSA Annual Conference and Exhibition

    Participation: Stand # 325

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    Conference: HR Technology Conference and Exposition

    Participation: Booth #1342

    Sponsorship: Relax and Recharge Lounge

    Location: Las Vegas, NV

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    Webinar: Navigating Brexit and broader economic uncertainty

    Location: London, UK

    Topic: As the latest Brexit deadline draws ever closer, this webinar addresses key questions for trustees and corporate sponsors of defined benefit pension schemes

    Speakers: Andrew Horner, Mark van den Berghen, Carl Hitchman

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    Webinar: Don’t let employee absences derail your organization

    Topic: Learn how to structure an employee leave program that improves engagement and minimizes costs and risks.

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    Webinar: Best practices for running a successful onsite health clinic

    Speaker: Jeanne Griffin

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    Webinar: Turn open enrollment into your blockbuster hit of the year

    Speakers: Buck's Engagement leaders Debra Andrianopoulos and Stacey Babyak

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    Webinar: Do you know the drugs that are hiding in your medical claim costs? A Specialty Pharmacy Landscape webinar

    Speakers: Bob Ferraro and Gail Levenson

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    Webinar: How’s Your Workforce Wellbeing? Global Survey Insights to Promote Working Well

    Topic: How's Your Workforce Wellbeing? Global Survey Insights to Promote Working Well

    Speakers: Ruth Hunt and Lori Block

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