Conference: 2020 On-Site Employee Health Clinics Congress

    Topic: Onsite clinic management models: How to determine what model is right for your organization

    Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

    Speaker: Jeanne Griffin, Buck

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    Conference: Canadian Health & Wellness Innovations Conference

    Topic: Trend-spotting: New ways of predicting and managing drug plan costs

    Location: Savannah, GA

    Speakers: Karen DeBortoli and Lizann Reitmeier

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    Conference: CONNECT: Global Benefits Summit

    Topic: Global benefits challenges in mergers and acquisitions: From start to finish

    Location: Chicago, IL

    Speaker: Brian D. Makuck

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    Conference: 2020 DMEC Annual Conference

    Topic: Don't let employee absences derail your organization

    Location: Anaheim, CA

    Speakers: Mary Armstrong-Flippo, Heidi Pottgen, and Ruth Hunt

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    Past Events

    Conference: Select HR Tech

    Topic: Are you running at peak performance? Harness the power of your people with predictive analytics

    Location: Los Vegas

    Speakers: Scot Marcotte and David Gillen

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    Seminar: Health in the workplace: the wider impact of women’s health

    Topic: Highlighting factors impacting not only women themselves but families, colleagues, and companies overall.

    Speakers: Steven Desborough (Buck), Alison Green (WOMBA), Sarah Taylor (AXA PPP), Dr Tania Adib (Queen’s Hospital London)

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