Customized risk management solutions to meet your unique investment challenges

Managing pension liabilities is becoming increasing complex. From fiduciary requirements to regulatory changes to financial statement impacts, sponsors need to meet their distribution commitments and growth goals, while mitigating risk and minimizing administrative tasks.

Are you prepared to navigate tomorrow’s market volatility?


Comprehensive pension risk management

With more than a century of innovation and experience, we take a liability-focused approach to help you reduce pension risk and make investment outcomes more predictable. Our pension risk management services are designed to help you recognize and quantify risks, assess the impact on the organization, and if needed, develop risk mitigation strategies.

We know that managing pension risk is critical to your organization’s financial health. Our team of actuarial, investment, and financial risk consultants offer a holistic approach, helping you understand, measure, and act on pension risk. Whether you need actuarial consulting, scenario modelling, investment advice, or risk transfer guidance, we can help.

Our solutions

Asset liability modeling (ALM)

From streamlined analyses to fully customized and comprehensive studies, we offer a variety of modeling solutions that provide you with the customized analysis necessary to make sound asset allocation decisions.

Our state-of-the-art asset liability model and GEMS® (General Economy and Market Simulator) capital market simulations can compare your current investment strategy — one that’s often static without recognizing pension plan dynamics — to alternative strategies, including dynamic investment approaches that can guide the plan to its endgame.

Pension risk transfer

Given today’s volatile market, de-risking transactions — lump sum buyouts, group annuity purchases, and plan terminations — are important tools in managing the risk associated with your pension plan. With an eye on your specific needs, we can develop solutions that manage the liabilities and risks of your plans and investments.

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Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

Defined benefit plans pose unique challenges to organizations. For plan sponsors seeking to partner with trusted advisors to manage their pension assets, we can help. Our OCIO service is a full-service investment solution designed specifically for pension plans. We offer asset liability modeling (ALM), unique risk adjusted performance measures, daily asset and liability monitoring, and full portfolio management.

Actuarial consulting

We align our suite of actuarial services to meet your pension risk goals and provide actuarial valuation, government forms preparation, benefit calculation support, plan design, compliance consulting, and more. Our team also compiles pension accounting disclosures, including consolidation for multinationals, and provides customized accounting assumptions advice using proprietary financial modelling.



Perspectives on a volatile market and the impact of COVID-19: Managing pension risk in an era of uncertainty.

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