Engaged employees drive better business results.


Enhanced user experience

Enhanced user experience

For organizations to successfully leverage the power of multi-media digital tools, we recognize that people – your people – need to be at the center of everything we do.

Our bEngaged™ platform allows companies to customize their employee experience and deliver a hyper-personalized service. We can aggregate multiple benefits systems into a single view, so it is easier for your people to use their benefits and track their progress against their health, wealth, and career goals.

Our solution makes it easy for employees, retirees, family members, alumni, and candidates to stay informed, so they can actively plan for their out-of-pocket healthcare costs, enroll in career-appropriate training classes, and determine an appropriate retirement saving strategy.


Centralized hubs for all your HR programs

Creates a single user experience by aggregating data from across benefits, human resources, and other operational areas including pension and retirement, health and wellbeing, total rewards, and onboarding.

Decision support tools

Decision support tools allow your people to simulate healthcare costs, compare medical plans, create retirement scenarios, and manage equity plans using personal data.

Intuitive modelers

Delivers the modeling tools and dedicated customer care support your employees and retirees need to understand their options and plan for retirement.

AI-enabled virtual assistant

AI-enabled approach and integrated analytics simplify the complex by delivering personalize recommendations to help individuals use their benefits effectively and keep their wellbeing on track.

Personalized messaging

Targeted outreach to help your employees take the right actions to be their best selves.

Action lists

Action lists can be pushed to employees and prioritized based on the individual’s health, wealth, and career goals.


Anatomy of an insanely great HR platform


What’s happening with HR portal technology?


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