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  • Buck partners with MedEncentive to launch employee health education rewards program

  • COVID-19: Key considerations for employers

  • Buck webinar discusses new defined contribution provisions during COVID-19 pandemic


Our business is knowing your business.



We look across the health, wealth, and career spectrum to ensure your plans and programs help your business succeed and your people thrive at work and in life.



We work with you to implement benefits administration services for workplace health and retirement plans while recognizing your budget, strategy, and communication needs.



Our integrated technology solutions equip organizations with the tools they need to promote employee wellbeing and drive business growth.



Article: CFOs should not leave workforce analytics solely to HR

With access to reams of financial data and the analytic tools to turn the information into insight, CFOs are certainly no strangers to the power of big data. But finance chiefs may be less up to speed on workforce data, covering employee performance, compensation, demographics, career history, benefits, employee behaviors, time utilization, and attrition.

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Article: New perspectives: How work, rewards, and benefits have evolved over the past century

The evolution of the social contract between workers and management through the 20th century was a tempestuous one. A social contract, usually tacit rather than spelled out, is an agreement between individuals and authorities that exchanges individual freedoms for the protection of rights and maintenance of order.

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Making sense of HR Tech

The enormity of the HR Tech conference hits you as you enter the exhibit hall with 500+ vendors. How organizations make sense of all the tech trends and vendors present can’t be an easy task – as shown by some consistent themes we heard at the conference.

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Article: Getting In Front of the Trends: Using High-Tech Tools to Improve Financial Wellness

Financial well-being programs can help employers address issues like delayed retirement, disability and turnover. Using data analytics and artificial intelligence tools to identify and predict workforce trends can increase the effectiveness of such programs.

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Webinar: Conference of Consulting Actuaries: Retirement Design Proposals

Topic: Explore design options being developed to meet the needs of both plan sponsors and participants.

Speakers: David Driscoll (Buck), Mariah Becker (NCCMP), Michael Noble (Cheiron, Inc.), Jason Russell (Segal Consulting)

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Webinar: The U.S. elections and the global economic outlook

Topic: Global economic trends, the U.S. financial markets, and the upcoming U.S. elections and potential policy implications.

Speakers: Bill Priest (Barron’s Roundtable member, Epoch Investment Partners), Mike Mecca (Buck), and Sarvesh Soi (Buck)

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Conference: Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA) National Education Conference and Expo

Topic: Attacking Diabetes with Data Analytics and Integration

Location: Virtual event

Speaker: Pam Owen

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