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A healthy workforce means a productive workforce. Buck provides health auditing and consulting services to help organizations improve strategic decision making, drive program excellence, and remove everyday hurdles so you can provide benefits that have a positive impact on business outcomes and employees’ lives.

Our HR consulting and employee health benefits solutions are creative and designed with the big picture in mind. And our data-driven recommendations are both smart and practical. With a focus on connecting and integrating your benefits, the result of our partnership is a program that works for your people and your bottom line.

Creative solutions powered by expertise Benefits programs work together across the health, wealth, and career spectrum. When you work with Buck, your core team is thoughtfully assembled to meet your specific needs. This team of specialists crosses disciplines to work as one, custom-designing solutions that are uniquely suited to you.

Smart decisions powered by data We invest in data analytics because we believe it drives smart decisions and actionable insights. By keeping analytics core to everything we do, we can access your information on demand, manage your vendor data in one location, provide effective and timely recommendations, and better connect your data to program strategy.

Connected programs powered by technology Healthcare is rapidly evolving to have more patient intersections, stakeholders and opportunities than ever before. We connect the dots with technology, administration and engagement to unlock value, making your programs stronger than ever. The result: enhanced design and decision-making, increased member experience and satisfaction, and better health.

Healthcare solutions

Core health strategy (Opens in new tab)

Core health strategy

Planning ahead helps you manage program cost and drive performance. We take time upfront to understand your needs and build a roadmap that helps you reach your goals. Using data to target what matters so you can make confident decisions, we’ll help you with strategic planning, plan design, vendor management, compliance monitoring, actuarial modeling and forecasting, day-to-day support, and competitive intelligence.

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Retiree health

Employers need expert analytical oversight and financial planning. Our industry-leading, one-of-a-kind approach to retiree health consulting ensures health — not pension — actuaries remain on point to work with you from start to finish. We deliver accurate, efficient valuations and provide thoughtful, strategic solutions that help you both meet your long term business needs and offer the best retiree benefits.

Pharmacy consulting (Opens in new tab)

Pharmacy consulting

Pharmacy expense is a rapidly growing area of concern for employers. We empower you with information and advise on how to best manage your pharmacy benefits, both clinically and financially. From general pharmacy benefit management to specialty pharmacy to retiree prescription drug plans, our team will help you navigate the entire spectrum of offerings.

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Health intelligence

Healthcare is complex and evolving — and new approaches to engage with your partners are more important than ever. We use our expertise in data analytics, clinical methods, and vendor intelligence to understand the aspects of the health care ecosystem that are working for you — along with those that aren’t — to improve your members’ overall health and wellbeing.

Voluntary benefits (Opens in new tab)

Voluntary benefits

Employee wellbeing directly impacts the health of your business. Integrated voluntary benefit solutions can complement and enhance your existing programs and allow your organization to offer a more robust total rewards package. Using a mix of employer-paid and employee-paid benefits, these programs can have a positive impact on the bottom line and create a corporate culture where employees are more engaged and feel valued.

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Life, disability, and absence

Every employer wants to recruit and retain top talent, meet short-term and long-term goals for reducing absenteeism, and increase employee engagement. We help you meet these goals through time-off programs that expertly balance the key elements: program design, administration, and case management.

Healthcare audits (Opens in new tab)

Healthcare audits

Annual audits are a critical way for employers to promote vendor accountability. We craft custom audit strategies that allow you to satisfy your fiduciary responsibilities, monitor healthcare vendors, create corrective action plans where necessary, and contain rising healthcare costs.

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Global health

As companies grow globally and become more complex, it gets harder to navigate international differences in benefits. We serve as a trusted advisor to multinational employer organizations across all program aspects, including global benefit management, multinational pooling and risk financing, and expatriate and global mobility.

Mental health and emotional wellbeing (Opens in new tab)

Mental health and emotional wellbeing

Work-related stress, along with the pandemic and lifestyle changes, have led to a significant decline in physical and mental health. If your organization is looking to take a pro-active approach to improving employee wellbeing and reduce the stigma around seeking help for mental health challenges, our health and engagement consultants can help you develop the right approach and deliver measurable results for your organization.

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“We know that organizations who put the needs of their people at the center of their benefit strategy separate themselves from the pack and see the best results – healthier employees, less absenteeism, greater engagement, higher productivity.”

– Kelly Conlin, U.S. Health Practice Leader at Buck

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