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Ensure everyone on your health plan is eligible for coverage

Dependent or spousal verification audits can help ensure you fulfill your fiduciary responsibility and provide plan coverage to qualified dependents. Working together, we help you identify the right audit solution, whether that be a comprehensive, one-time audit of your entire population, a spousal verification, or a random sampling.

Are you sure all your plan participants are eligible for coverage?

Dependent and spousal verification audits can help contain costs

Qualifying life events can impact who is eligible for benefits coverage under your plan, so it’s important to periodically verify eligibility.

Our data shows that if you haven’t conducted a verification review within the last five years, between 4-6% of dependents may be ineligible for coverage. And this additional cost can impact your ability to provide competitive benefits.

When conducting an audit, we understand that your employee experience is critical and make it easy for them to respond and submit documentation. We also take the time to understand your data and your organization’s culture to make sure the process is consistent for all your participants and cost-effective. And we’ll direct ineligible dependents to appropriate alternatives for coverage, enabling a smooth process for those transitioning off your plan.

What sets us apart

Our people

From project implementation to results, we work as an extension of your team, providing support for your employees throughout the verification process.

Our experience

We’ve been performing dependent eligibility verifications since 2004 and have achieved an average participant satisfaction survey rating of 97%.

Our platform

We make it simple for your employees to submit documentation through our website and we review all documents to determine dependent eligibility.

How we can help


During implementation, we review the summary plan description (SPD) language regarding eligibility, prepare employee communications, review and analyze the initial data, develop a website that enables employees to upload required verification documents, and train the specialty call center on your specific eligibility rules.

Personalized communications

All communications related to the dependent eligibility verification project are prepared by our team, including email notifications to employees regarding their status.

Service center

Our entire focus is to make the process as easy as possible for your people. Our specialty call center agents are trained to respond to all questions and support your employees throughout the process.

Updates throughout the project

We’ll provide status updates compared against benchmarks throughout the project. For measurements that are not aligned with benchmarks, we’ll provide recommendations to help bridge the gap.

Executive summary

We’ll prepare and present an executive summary that includes results and estimated annual cost savings achieved by removing ineligible dependents. We’ll also identify trends and recommendations to identify best practices for ongoing plan maintenance.