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Comprehensive OCIO services and retirement plan consulting


To meet the future financial needs of your plan participants, your retirement strategy depends on sound OCIO investment management and performance outcomes. This is equally true for both defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans. But strategic and operational plan management can be challenging for organizations with competing priorities and limited team resources.

Are you looking to delegate the investment management of your retirement plans to an unbiased and trusted partner?

Realize the best outcomes for your plan by delegating investment management

We recognize that maintaining a retirement plan is not part of your core business. So, our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) solution is designed for plan sponsors looking to outsource this complex responsibility, limit costs, and mitigate fiduciary liabilities, while remaining in control of the plan’s goals and objectives.

As an independent registered investment advisor, we consider every facet of your situation and develop a tailored approached centered around your investment philosophy, plan participant commitments, and desired investment outcomes. Our rigorous investment process ensures the highest quality of service in our role as the ERISA §3(38) fiduciary investment manager for your plan.

Our OCIO model is a full-service investment solution that can be integrated into our complete plan management services. We understand the entire plan ecosystem from plan design and funding policy to risk management and end-game strategies. Our retirement plan specialists work together with our investment professionals, so you benefit from a holistic approach to plan management that considers your plan’s funded status, actively balances assets against liabilities, and results in synergies and potential cost savings.

Our approach


As an independent registered investment advisor with no associations with money managers, and no exclusive provider relationships, we are singularly focused on selecting best-in-class fund managers and service providers based on the needs of your plan.

Tailored solution

We take the time to understand your goals and then structure and manage the investment program based on your objectives. We use an open architecture model and can work with any custodian, asset manager or other service providers.

See the big picture

Investment management is just a piece of your retirement plan management. We can support plan administration, risk management, and governance – providing you with a one-stop-shop for managing your retirement plans.

How we can help

Investment strategy

We work with you to capture your goals, risk tolerance, return needs, and time horizon in an Investment Policy Statement that guides further investing. This creates a structure for us to manage and minimize governance involvement and respond to market movements.

Manager research and selection

Our advisors ensure that the selected investment managers — along with their investment philosophies — help you meet your goals by developing a funding strategy that considers timing, amount of plan cash, and accounting costs.

Investment performance management

We consistently monitor plan performance and risk relative to your objectives, evaluate your compliance program and benchmarks, and analyze the style of each investment manager along with other portfolio analytics to make sure your programs continue to meet your original objectives.


We keep your plans in compliance by assisting with day-to-day management and documentation — including drafting plan documents and amendments, summary plan descriptions, and other communications, administrative forms, and procedures — and advising on plan processes and governance.


We prepare comprehensive performance reporting designed specifically for your plans, tracking predefined key metrics.