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COVID-19: Key considerations for employers

The impact from the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present new challenges for employers, employees, families, suppliers, customers, and business operations. As the weeks progress, many unknowns remain, and this can be unsettling for businesses and employees alike. Which is why you can rely on Buck for human resources support and healthcare consulting.

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COVID-19 will have a profound impact on our world. Organizations are adapting to the immediate disruption, realigning business operations, and preparing for a recovery. This may include rethinking employee health and safety protocols, investing in new technologies, and determining if benefits programs support the emerging needs of your employees.

We’re committed to helping you respond to these new challenges. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve introduced new solutions that keep you connected with your people, ahead of the inevitable 2020 and 2021 healthcare cost increases, and help you think through your options and put a plan into action.

COVID-19 is impacting employers differently and as the world evolves from where we are today, to reimagination and eventually to recovery, you need to know that your people-related decisions will help you move forward with confidence.

Things to think about

Article: HR technology, analytics may help companies through COVID-19 : Stay connected to your people

Now more than ever, it’s important for you to stay connected with your people. COVID-19 lockdowns and new remote workplace rules forced employers to quickly implement crisis communications plans to keep everyone informed, engaged, and to minimize disruption. Going forward, organizations need to be ready to communicate to an increasingly dispersed workforce using all available channels – websites, emails, texts, and video.

Webinar: Return to work: Are you ready for this challenge? : Return to the workplace

Deciding when and how to bring your people back on site – and adjusting protocols for front-line employees that never left – is anything but straightforward. In a recent post-webinar survey, 56% of respondents said they have work to do here. With so many unknowns, as you reopen your onsite operations it’s important to develop a workplace safety plan and to keep your people informed.

Blog: A degree of health care certainty amidst the chaos : Health benefits fit for today and tomorrow

COVID-19 is challenging organizations to evaluate the impact on their health plans and premiums. Will claims spike as elective care resumes? What benefits could support emerging employee needs or fill gaps in current offerings? HR and benefits departments continue to be on the front lines of business strategy, charged with making decisions to protect the health and welfare of your employees and their families.

Article: Participant communications specific to the pandemic : Retirement and financial wellbeing

Uncertainty around the global economic impact has led to unprecedent market volatility. Employers who sponsor retirement programs have faced disruption to the processes, administration, governance, investment strategy, and funding aspects of their plans. Many employees are also worried about the volatility of the market and the corresponding value of their pensions and investments.

Download the COVID-19 compliance checklist here : Legislation and compliance

As employers move past the immediate impact of COVID-19 and consider longer term business strategies, it’s imperative you pay careful attention to compliance obligations that affect workforce planning and benefits programs. New legislation such as the CARES Act and Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), as well as compliance basics, require careful consideration and/or examination given the current environment.

Learn more : Workforce planning

Rapid changes in the economy are forcing organizations to make tough choices. There’s a need to move fast, but you also need to proceed thoughtfully to minimize the impact on your people. Our consultative, data-driven approach guides you through the workforce reshaping process and helps you make informed decisions.

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