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A modern, affordable, and high-performing benefits administration experience that empowers informed decision-making, improves outcomes, and builds trust with your employees.

Is your benefits platform built to perform?


Drive desired results

With bEnabled, you can simplify how you integrate, manage, and administer your complex health, retirement, and rewards programs. Our highly configurable platform supports our benefit administrative systems, covering both co-sourcing and outsourcing models, and is supported by actuarial, benefits, compliance, and communication consulting as needed to make sure your benefits programs are performing for your organization and your people.

bEnabled allows you to streamline your plan management, configuration, and analytics, and includes tools for case management, knowledge management, interactive chat, carrier interfaces, and system administrator reporting. The addition of the optional analytics module enables you to aggregate relevant data across systems and take advantage of advanced people, plan, and process analytics, along with actionable insights, to confirm whether your plan is performing according to your standards or if adjustments are needed to get it to where you want it to be.

For your people, the platform can be integrated into your overall benefits and services to create a highly personalized benefits experience, delivered through a combination of website, mobile, and outbound communications. Participants also have access to self-service transactional capabilities and decision-support tools to manage their health and retirement benefits.

How we can help

Increased employee engagement

Whether your employees and participants are enrolling in benefits, planning for retirement, or checking their retirement plan status, bEnabled provides an intuitive and engaging user experience.

Decision support tools and modelers

Participants can analyze the various health offering and adjust variables such as planned hospital visits, chronic conditions, or other health concerns to help them chose the best plan for themselves and their families.

Flexible delivery

Whether you’re looking for a core benefits platform, a full turnkey administration solution, or something in between, bEnabled meets you where you are on your digital journey. We also offer full-service call center support, with white glove service as needed.

Service center technology

Create a best-in-class customer experience for your participants, whether you provide inhouse services or outsource your benefits administration. Our case management technology tracks every touchpoint and helps your team manage open items and develop an efficient workflow for issue resolution.


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Mobile-optimized platform that manages eligibility, enrollment, premium billing, dependent verification, and beneficiary management; monitors activities; and tracks incentives to help employees and members make informed decisions.

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Enrollment coordination and ongoing processing of personalized benefits programs that support the financial wellbeing your employees.