IRS Announces 2018 HSA/HDHP Limits

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Volume 40 | Issue 59

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The IRS has released the health savings account and high-deductible health plan limits for 2018. The 2018 HSA annual contribution limits and the HDHP deductible and out-of-pocket amounts for self-only and family coverage all increased over the 2017 limits.


In Revenue Procedure 2017-37, the IRS issued calendar year 2018 inflation-adjusted contribution limits for health savings accounts (HSAs) along with minimum deductible and maximum out-of-pocket (OOP) limits for high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). The limits are determined under Code Section 223’s cost-of-living adjustment and rounding rules.

The following table sets out the limits for 2018 as compared to 2017, and includes the catch-up contribution limit, which is prescribed by statute and not indexed for inflation.

2018 2017 Change
HSA Statutory Contribution Amount
Self-only $               3,450 $               3,400 $             +50
Family                  6,900                   6,750              +150
Catch-up Contribution (age 55 or older) $               1,000 $               1,000 No change
HDHP Minimum Deductible Amount
Self-only $               1,350 $               1,300 $             +50
Family                  2,700                  2,600              +100
HDHP Maximum Out-of-Pocket Amount
Self-only $               6,650 $               6,550 $            +100
Family                13,300                13,100               +200


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