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Social contract: why does it matter?

Social contract: why does it matter?

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At Buck we are defining the new social contract – but what do we mean, and why does it matter?

Our people are our most important asset. They are yours too.

They want a nice environment to work in where they are fit and healthy and ready to thrive. They want flexibility and support so that their work life and home life support each other.

They want systems, technology and equipment which work well, and allow them to efficiently, effectively and impressively do their role with minimum frustration. They want a business and a brand they are proud of and want to belong to.

They want to be treated with respect and feel part of the team, making their contribution to the shared vision, regardless of their role or seniority. They want to work with a team who are colleagues and also friends.

They want the little treats now and again – to make them feel valued and make them feel human. They want their efforts recognised and to feel that they are making a difference – both through formal and fair reward, as well as public recognition, social events and a more personal ‘well done’.

They want agreed and measurable goals which they can work towards and see themselves rewarded against. They want a defined career path with the possibility of professional qualifications, but also softer skills training which will be valuable to them throughout their career in a modern, flexible and digital world, and one in which their work pattern may be very different to what has gone before.

They want to be communicated with as often as possible so they know what is happening, when and why.

They want competitive, flexible and relevant benefits, and to be able to see them digitally in one place, learn about them, and take action to suit their circumstances.

Solve those needs and you solve your business problems. Why? Because if you as an employer keep your end of the social contract, your employees will keep theirs. They will work tirelessly to make the business they work for, and the business they are so proud of, the best it can possibly be. They will bring the ideas, risk management, passion, efficiencies and new opportunities to you without you asking them to. And they won’t mind being held to account to deliver their goals to you – they will rightly expect to be.

That is why the social contract is so important, that is why it should be your top priority and that is why, at the new Buck, we are defining the new social contract both for ourselves and also for our clients.