Buck Bond Group

Today’s our 100th anniversary!


That’s right, 100 years ago today – August 1, 1916 – George Buck Sr. opened his private actuarial consulting office. We’ve been providing pension and benefits consulting services ever since.

Now, as we continue to work with clients around the world, we thought we’d celebrate where we came from, and look into the future of HR as we see it. Visit our website to learn about the company’s beginnings, how we’ve kept pace with developments over a century, ad the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for HR:

The Founder’s Story

Many of the principles and qualities that characterized Mr. Buck – his unwavering dedication, versatility, innovation, and standards of excellence – are also the hallmarks of our HR consulting and services firm today. Learn more about Mr. Buck in this “Past as Prologue” white paper.

A Look Ahead

Dean Aloise, global HR consulting leader, examines the innovative culture George Buck established and ties our legacy to the future.

In his “Our History Has Always Been About the Future” white paper, Aloise looks forward to the workplace of 2020 and examines the need to advance HR’s advocacy role through innovation, insight, and technical know-how in three major areas:

  • Designing and administering health programs that reflect business goals and employee needs
  • Focusing on the financial success of the business while supporting the financial future of employees
  • Developing and implementing a people strategy that drives business success

In the Real World

From the founding of George B. Buck Consulting Actuary in 1916 to the market-leading HR and benefit technologies of today, take a look at important events from our 100-year legacy of HR consulting and services. In this interactive timeline, learn about some of the events that shaped the world of HR and benefits. Plus, see key milestones in our history of helping clients prepare for the future.

More to Come

In the coming weeks HR Insights will feature special articles by our consulting leaders around the world as they talk about how things have changed in health care, retirement planning, talent management, communication, HR technology, and management. They’ll also share keen insights into the most exciting opportunities that will change the workplace in the next few years.

In the meantime, bookmark the anniversary page on our website and watch for more flashbacks, insights and updates as we start out on our next 100 years.

We’d love to hear from you as we celebrate this rare milestone. Use the comment box below to share your thoughts on the future of HR.