We're defining the new social contract between employers and employees,
and trustees and members.

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Together, we’re co-creating workforces for the future.


  • Employers Prioritize Total Wellbeing, Embrace Technology to Drive Workplace Productivity, Employee Satisfaction

  • Buck Launches AI-Enabled BuckConnect™ HR Technology Platform


Our business is knowing your business.



We look at your needs across the health, wealth, and career spectrum informing and consulting with industry-leading knowledge and innovation.



We work with you to implement pension and benefits administration services while recognising your budget, strategy, and communications needs.



We develop innovative ways to engage your employees and members, from predictive analytics to behavioural economics.



Social contract: why does it matter?

At Buck we are defining the new social contract – but what do we mean, and why does it matter?

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Is it time to leave the herd?

Now that employers can harness the power of their data, is it time to leave the herd and move to benefit programmes designed exclusively and specifically for the needs and expectations of their people?

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GMP and the Equalisation Issue

The High Court has ruled that occupational pension schemes must equalise GMPs.

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Wellbeing – Sit on it Cunningham!

UK office workers often spend an average of 67 sedentary days per year. Now is the time to reevaluate what’s in your workplace wellbeing strategy.

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Webinar: Conference of Consulting Actuaries

Topic: Wellness Everything – Health, Wealth, Life, and Everything in Between Speakers: David Scharf and Lori Block

Conference: 2019 Corporate Health and Wellness Summit - Developing Sustainable Wellness Programs to Improve Outcomes

Topic: Empathy: The Key to Improving Your Wellbeing Program’s “Fit(ness)” Speakers: Lori Block and Betsy Woods Brooks

Scottsdale, AZ

Conference: Osgoode 2019 Pension Law Certificate

Topic: Ontario Pension Law Reform Speaker: Karen DeBortoli

Mississauga, ON

Conference: Council on Employee Benefits Annual Conference

Topic: 2019, A Benefits Odyssey Speaker: Scot Marcotte


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