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Essential? Me?

Essential? Me?

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In a strange twist of fate, benefits consulting has been deemed an essential service in Ontario. The province has declared “businesses that provide pension services and employee benefits services” essential. This puts my industry in the same class as the brave people who are ensuring we can continue to buy groceries and fill prescriptions.

This is a bit of surprise to many of us as we are so often removed from the people we ultimately serve. It is easy to forget that the claims incurred under a benefit plan represent the day to day lives of real people. And the funding under pension plans is the result of conscious savings toward the dreams of a secure retirement by these same people. People just like our friends, family members and colleagues. People who are busy social-distancing and self-isolating. People who are struggling to find comfort in this new reality.

So today, as I help my clients plan the best scenario for employees impacted by temporary layoffs, the best way to honour the promise of coverage for dental services plan members are unable to receive and the best way to manage plan costs to ensure sustainability, I will remember that all of these plans touch the lives of young families, people living with chronic illness, people fighting acute and potentially terminal illnesses, people wrestling with the isolation and instability of the current reality.

I feel privileged to be essential.