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Good is no longer good enough. When it comes to reward and benefits technology, it’s time to expect more from your employee benefits solution.

Are you ready?

Superior user experience for your people

Personalised, integrated, mobile-first dashboard to help employees make the right choices and consolidate their tech journey, delivered through a user-friendly experience.

Comprehensive employee benefits administration

Scalable solution to support your delivery model, combined with a full reporting suite aligned to your requirements.

Insightful analytics at your fingertips

People, plan, and process analytics to support effective management of programmes and workforce on both a local and global scale.

Survey: Buck and REBA Data and technology research 2023

Buck has partnered with the Reward and Benefits Association (REBA) to undertake research in to user experiences of reward and benefits technology and data. The results reveal that many employers are beginning to understand the great potential that technology offers to support their HR, reward and benefits strategies, but have yet to take full advantage of them.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Empower employees

Delta+ provides clarity and improved accessibility with its intuitively-designed platform. Featuring single sign-on access from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, Delta+ delivers personalised content, communications and benefits selection options. By making the process clear and user-friendly, each employee is informed and engaged.

Streamline your benefits administration with automation

Our platform automates administration. This removes the need for manual processes, and provides efficient employee self-service. Seamless data flows enable a single platform to deliver your global employee benefits, reward, and wellbeing strategies. Fast access to in-depth insights facilitate informed strategic decisions.

Maximize your benefits spend with advanced analytics

Delta+ offers quick and intuitive data interrogation capabilities, as well as demographic data visualisations to inform your decision-making. Easily accessible metrics demonstrate achievement against objectives. The ability to identify trends and patterns over time allows you to establish where your benefits strategies may need to change.

Comprehensive technology

Consolidating technology applications into a single hub, we offer full flexible benefits platform functionality, including annual enrolment, life-events, and anytime benefits. We also support wider wellbeing initiatives, allowing employees to personalise their journey, so you can be sure your people are getting the best experience.


Because Delta+ is based on a flexible, efficient platform configuration, we can undertake frequent production system updates, extensive parameter design, and repeatable change process. For whatever’s around the corner.

Advanced experience

With Delta+, your people get what they need, when and how they need it. Access to a flexible benefits platform, combined with personalised and targeted messaging, delivered via a single simple, flexible, and intuitive device-responsive system that’s accessible from anywhere. It’s the difference between your employees engaging with their benefits — and not.

Global scalability

The Delta+ user interface can form part of a wider suite of global solutions for pensions, share plans, and total reward programmes that work seamlessly together. In addition, our range of global employer management tools and analytics dashboards provide insight into each element to help drive your people strategy in all of your locations.

Strengthened data protection

Distribution of sensitive personal data to several organisations multiplies the risk of data leaks. A risk that can be averted by using a single partner for benefits, reward, and pensions. With Delta+, you can be sure that the distribution of your employees’ personal data is minimised, and potential data breaches avoided.


Success is about more than just effective technology; it’s about the people delivering the service too. And our people are the best at what they do. Which means a better experience for you, and for your employees. Our clients move to us — and stay with us — not just because of what we do, but who we are. And our global Net Promoter Score of 61 proves it.

An enhanced experience for everyone

New joiner

A single entry point into everything reward with a simple and easy to follow process for selecting benefits and signposting information or third-party solutions, which provide detail where necessary. Because of the data integration set up, new joiners have access to Delta+ from their first day of employment, meaning they don’t need to wait to make those important decisions with their benefits.

Existing employee

Clear and easy to find information which allows employees to understand the options available and add family members with clear costs involved. All dependent data is captured through selection, meaning no cumbersome administration involved in putting benefits in place. It shows clearly when coverage will start, and when any deductions from payroll are effective.

Reward manager

Access to real-time metrics on which benefits are getting the greatest engagement, broken down by age, location, salary band, business unit, and any other categorisation that’s important to you. There’s no need for spreadsheets or pivot tables; just clear and concise visualisation of what’s happening with your employee benefits proposition.

Benefits and payroll manager

On-demand reporting for payroll purposes, allowing anytime data extraction, alongside the ability to mimic user accounts to better support employee queries. In addition, because of secure file transfer data feeds between you and Buck, all new joiner and leaver records are automatically updated without any need for manual intervention.

HR director

Analytics technology enabling you to delve into comprehensive data sets – financial, workforce, healthcare, diversity, and engagement – showing which initiatives are having the desired impact; and which aren’t. Our analytics tools also incorporate predictive analysis and forecasting models, offering new insights, to improve outcomes for employees, and financial performance for your organisation.

Finance director

The range of analytics tools available through Delta+ provides an in-depth insight into the true return on reward investment. This insight also enables Buck to make recommendations and suggestions that streamline your benefits provision, tighten your processes, and reduce your costs.

What our clients have to say

"We definitely made the right decision … an absolute pleasure to work with."

"The Buck team have taken ownership and responsibility for ensuring the implementation has been successful."

"We have been all over the place, but Buck have been absolutely amazing”