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Engagement is the social contract in action. The demonstration of how you will support your employees in achieving their goals at work and in life. The art behind delivering the right message to the right people in the right way at the right time.

Engaging with your employees is key to them achieving the best possible outcomes. Through Concert, a Buck company, we offer a full-service, experienced, and comprehensive global communications and engagement consultancy that delivers a positive impact on every facet of the employee experience.

Remaining dedicated to our commitment to strengthening the bond between you and your employees, providing the very best user experiences, and ensuring your employees feel informed about the future, our team have just grown. The recent addition of Caburn Hope into the Buck family complements and amplifies Concert’s current capabilities as a tech-enabled, personalised pensions and employee benefits communication specialist into those of a full-service, employee communications practice that can have a positive impact across the entire employee and member experience.

Our employee engagement consultants work with you to identify your needs, understand your culture and stakeholders, assess your population demographics and behaviours using robust data analytics, establish objectives, and develop a communication and engagement strategy that we then help you to put into action. And we’re committed to measuring our success in achieving the goals that are imperative for you.


Strategic workshops (Opens in new tab)

Strategic workshops

Hosting a strategic workshop with your key stakeholders is a great way to gain alignment before you dive into your next big initiative or complex project. We can help you ensure all parties understand and agree to the objectives, desired outcomes, and time and resources required for success.

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Employee communications (Opens in new tab)

Employee communications

Considered and carefully planned communications with your employees are essential to building a good relationship. Our experienced consultants deliver a rich mix of content, information, and creativity to ensure that, whatever your benefits message, it’s delivered in a way that really connects with your people.

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Branding (Opens in new tab)


A recognisable and integrated approach to communications is the basis for success and understanding. We create unifying internal brands that grab the attention of your employees and members, and drive actions aligned with your values, perceptions, and overall objectives.

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Employee value proposition strategy (Opens in new tab)

Employee value proposition strategy

An effective employee value proposition helps improve employee engagement. We’ll work with you to create an EVP that illustrates your commitment to your employees by capturing the features, attributes, benefits, and opportunities available when someone joins and stays with your organisation.

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Technical communications excellence (Opens in new tab)

Technical communications excellence

With extensive experience in the articulation of complex pension and benefits topics to a broad range of demographics, we bring creativity and best-in-class technical thinking to your project to ensure maximum member engagement is achieved, whatever the communication challenge.

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Change communication (Opens in new tab)

Change communication

From understanding business goals to shaping change communication, we have the knowledge and tools to increase employee engagement, using the right strategy and combination of channels, creative, and narrative. Applying a scientific approach to communications, our team will generate wholehearted employee participation with your change programmes.

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Case study: BT digital strategy

How the BT pension scheme implemented a new digital strategy to engage its membership.

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