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Simplify the complex with an enhanced user experience

For organisations to successfully leverage the power of multimedia digital tools, we know that people – your people – need to be at the centre of everything we do.

Does your digital suite have a user-centric design?


Empower your people

Through bEngaged, our member portal, we aggregate multiple programmes and multiple platforms from multiple vendors into a single HR platform, so it’s easy for your employees to make informed decisions for their physical, financial, and professional wellbeing.

Informed by decades of delivering innovative and award-winning engagement technology, our centralised, personal hub experience makes benefits come to life. Targeted, measured interactions powered by personalised decision support means it’s simple for individuals to get the most from the plans and programmes you offer. It’s available on mobile, tablet, and desktop, so information is accessible whenever and wherever people need it through the channels they prefer.

Offering your employees and members a bEngaged hub allows you to easily customise the user experience and deliver a hyper-personalised service to your participants. And behind the scenes, it leverages people analytics to deliver actionable insights on your plans and programmes, giving you clarity into what’s working — and what’s not — so you can quickly adapt your strategy and improve the effectiveness of your pensions and benefits activity.

One view. One platform. One experience. One destination for HR and benefits.

Ready to simplify the complex for your organisation and your people?

How we can help

Simplified user experience

When individuals can see all their related data in a single view, they’re able to make more informed decisions about their financial, physical, and professional wellbeing. With integrated programmes and platforms, personalised messaging, and real-time dashboard capabilities, you’ll quickly see an increase in engagement and participation.

Decision support and modelling

On-demand tools — including decision support, retirement and equity modellers, and benefits quizzes — offer individuals the insights and information to make informed choices based on their unique needs.

Personalised messaging

Targeted messaging based on an individual’s situation, actions, and goals that delivers outcome-based guidance.


Integrated benefits management portal

Our integrated benefits management solution is engagement, analytics, insights, and delivery options combined. Offering full, flexible benefits functionality, including annual enrolment, life events, and anytime benefits, our member portal provides your employees with access to a mobile-first, personalised dashboard from which to manage their benefits and wider wellbeing.

Share plan member portal

Our share plan member portal is an equity hub, offering extensive self-service capabilities that allows participants to manage their plans wherever they are, using any device, across multiple languages and currencies. From plan sign-ups and award acceptance, to the selling of shares in real-time, the member’s portfolio is aggregated into one consolidated view to deliver a consistent and engaging user experience.

Total rewards hub

By aggregating data including salary, bonus, commission, savings, benefits, and pension, you can help your employees understand the full value of work for your organisation.