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Integrated communications to maximise member engagement

Scheme memberships are complex: While your members may all be within the same pension framework, they have differing financial positions, requirements, and target outcomes. Which means a one-size-fits-all communication approach isn’t effective.

Are you empowering all your members with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions for their individual financial futures?

Designing, developing, and delivering outstanding strategic pension communications

Orion+ enables you to recognise and respond to individual member needs with tailored, targeted, and relevant communications, seamlessly manage member expectations across multiple channels and, ultimately, help members make informed choices about their future.

Our communications experts from within Concert, a Buck company work with you to develop your communication strategies for identified member groups, driving improved engagement, and enhancing outcomes for both members and trustees, through our three-stage, iterative process:

  1. Create member-focused, multi-channel communications across both digital and print formats
  2. Deliver engaging, relevant, and personal communications that build understanding and drive action
  3. Analyse, measure, and evolve your programme to meet the ongoing needs of your members

Using this proven methodology means you continually track your communications success against your scheme’s objectives to ensure your communications remain relevant and engaging.

What sets us apart

Technical communications excellence

With extensive experience articulating complex pension topics to a broad range of pension member demographics, our Concert, a Buck company team, bring creativity and best-in-class technical thinking to your project to ensure maximum member engagement, whatever the communication challenge.


We combine the creative arts with pension communications and engagement. By identifying what works for each individual client, we incorporate eye-catching visual design and clear, straight forward language to maximise the impact for your members, facilitate action, and provide the very best user experience.

In-house capabilities

From research to data management, and from strategic consulting to design, print, and digital build, we handle everything in-house. So you know that our experienced and dedicated team of 30 communication experts will personally see your project through end-to-end.


We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ communications. Every project we undertake is tailor-made for you. We can even take things a step further and create truly member-specific, data-driven communications, to help promote appreciation and understanding of pension benefits, and include specific calls to action.

We’re here to help you

Strategic communications in action: Local government pension fund
Facing the challenge of increasing costs of paper-based comms coupled with successfully engaging members with pension messages.

We created a new contemporary and interactive brand identity, that was adapted and applied across all media, including new modular ‘pensions hub’ website.

Three quarters of members visited the new website, and the scheme saw a 25% increase in registrations to the member self-service portal in the first six months after launch.