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Independent guidance to keep your scheme on target

Pension scheme trustees have a duty to carry out a competitive tender before appointing a fiduciary manager for a mandate size which is at least 20% of the scheme’s total assets.

Does your chosen fiduciary manager deliver the solution that best fits your objectives?

Be confident that your fiduciary manager is delivering for your scheme

Fiduciary manager oversight gives schemes the opportunity to benefit from lower costs and improve the chances of meeting long-term goals, as long as the scheme’s objectives remain the fiduciary manager’s top priority.

Through extensive and ongoing research, we’ve developed a deep understanding of how fiduciary managers operate and how we can work together constructively. We consider issues such as performance and risk, fee levels, and the suitability of the approach to the specific situation, to ensure you’re receiving advice that’s best suited to your needs.

  • Our independent position ensures robust management of conflicts of interest
  • We have a depth of understanding gained through professional manager researchers
  • A collaborative working relationship with fiduciary managers delivers best thinking
  • We provide simple, clear reporting to ensure ease of understanding

We understand that even if decisions have been delegated to a fiduciary manager, they remain the responsibility of the trustees, so retaining control of your scheme’s investment arrangements is critical.

What sets us apart

Aligning your manager to your needs

By defining a key set of criteria and metrics and providing a clear understanding of needs, we identify the fiduciary approach that’s the best fit for your scheme’s objectives. So you can rest assured that your selected manager will deliver on your requirements.

Independent guidance and evaluation

Understanding how your fiduciary manager is performing against their objectives and how this compares to the broader market, including fee benchmarking, is critical to ensure your scheme delivers for you and your members. We undertake this as frequently as you need, with the benefit of an independent perspective.

Facilitating your best outcomes

We work with your fiduciary manager to ensure reporting is clear and focused on the important issues. In addition, we’ll advise you on specific issues as they arise and attend meetings to provide constructive, independent challenges, helping you make informed decisions about what’s best for your scheme.

Service your way

You choose your preferred type of service – from a high level, periodic review, through to detailed ongoing monitoring. And our collaborative approach ensures fiduciary managers deliver solutions that best fit your identified circumstances and objectives.

Experienced team to deliver the right outcome for you

Buck’s fiduciary management oversight team is one of the biggest in the market, drawing on first-hand experience of fiduciary management and utilising expertise across Buck’s wider investment, retirement, and administration teams.

We’re here to help you

Fiduciary manager oversight in action: Construction industry pension scheme

Undertook periodic review of scheme’s fiduciary manager, highlighting performance across a range of metrics.

Identified the key issues for the trustees to consider, including some unexpected issues.

Achieved a significant reduction in fiduciary manager fees, equating to around £200k per year.