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Factoring fertility issues in your employee benefits strategy

Factoring fertility issues in your employee benefits strategy

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With 3.5 million people in the U.K. experiencing fertility problems, and with the majority in employment, it’s clear that the heightened focus on finding effective ways of supporting employees through this time is becoming an increasingly significant issue for HR and benefits teams.

Fertility problems are most common amongst people of working age and can affect both their work, and their physical and mental health, ultimately impacting productivity and causing absence. According to Fertility Network U.K., more than a third (38%) of people who were undergoing fertility treatment considered quitting their jobs. And research by Middlesex University on behalf of Fertility Network U.K. also recently found that 50% of respondents were concerned fertility issues would affect their career.

By promoting inclusion within the workplace, employers can ensure their staff feel supported and that those facing fertility issues get the crucial access they need to guidance on their options. Direct access to medical professionals can also help to create an open, inclusive, and productive workplace which both attracts and retains talent.

Employers contemplating the introduction of a fertility benefit may want to take a considered look at the various options available, for example from signposting to funding. However, as a first step, putting together an inclusively worded fertility policy which can be shared with all employees would be advisable, alongside specific management training to ensure that line managers are sufficiently equipped to sensitively handle staff requests.

A supportive employer can make a world of difference, and so it’s vital that firms have fertility on their radar. And alongside a clear fertility policy, line manager training, and offering appropriate benefits, promoting inclusion within the workplace will help employees feel supported, boost productivity and retention, and help achieve DE&I goals.

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