Pulse Survey Results: Are Your Organization and Workforce Aligned?

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We’ve been saying for some time now that an organization’s business success depends on how closely its goals line up with what its workforce needs.

Not just the tools to do the job, but the programs and opportunities for each employee to advance his or her career, stay in good health and become financially fit. Employees need to know clearly how their actions contribute to the organization’s success. And every employee should understand what the company’s doing to support their personal goals.

At the 2015 WorldatWork Total Rewards conference we conducted a pulse survey of the attendees to see how well their organization is doing in aligning business and personal goals. We then invited contacts on our mailing list to respond to the same survey.

What we found is that employers are on the right track, but could see greater workforce productivity as they close the gaps in:

  • Aligning organizational needs with those of their employees
  • Addressing the career, health and wealth needs of the workforce
  • Allocating and managing HR program budgets to support their talent management philosophy
  • Opening up lines of communication with employees
  • Communicating the full value of the organization’s investment in its workforce

We asked five questions designed to better understand where employers are now. The results are now available in this free report.



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