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Podcast: Talking tomorrow, today

Podcast: Talking tomorrow, today

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Launched in January 2021, this podcast series delves into a range of topical issues for reward and benefit professionals, offering you bite-sized insight from both peers and industry experts alike.

Each episode, released regularly throughout the year, looks at a new issue, and features a new special guest alongside our Buck host, Andrew Drake – from the key to improving financial wellbeing for your people, to award-winning mental health and DC pension strategies.

If there’s anything you’d like to see discussed in a future podcast episode, or you’d like to get involved as a future guest speaker, please let us know.

Episode 1: Jeremy Beament from Nudge talks about how they’re creating content to improve the financial wellbeing of their clients’ employees.


Episode 2: Michaela O’Reilly from Ipsos MORI shares her insights on their award-winning approach to mental health strategy.


Episode 3: Rani Ahmed from Stone King LLP talks about how implementing a new voluntary benefits solution helped address wider wellbeing and social connection challenges.


Episode 4: Neil Hopkinson from SAP outlines how the innovative design of their workplace savings scheme has been central to the success of their wider wellbeing proposition.


Episode 5: Hannah Wilkowski from BuzzFeed shares how they kept their benefits offering fit for purpose for their predominantly young demographic, whilst ensuring communications were targeted and relevant.


Episode 6: Josh Hart, one of the founders of YuLife, discusses how a new approach and insightful data can help put the life back into life assurance, and improve employee health.


Episode 7: James Brown from Muhdo, tells us about epigenetics, and what we can do to improve our wellbeing through the best environment for our DNA to help us thrive.


Episode 8: Jason Brennan from Wrkit takes us through their Global Working from Home Survey, and how the responses can help establish the right environment for your people’s future.


Episode 9: Kathy Abernethy from Peppy looks at how providing menopause support in the workplace is on the increase, and how companies can start the conversation to support this topic.


Episode 10: Jodi Geddes from Circle In talks about the importance of providing support for working parents, and suggests how companies can take simple, manageable steps to put this into action.