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Wake Up to Workplace Wellbeing: Let’s Get Physical!

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Physical Wellbeing

We’re kicking off a month-long U.K. programme focused on wellbeing by having a week looking at physical wellbeing.

Of the three areas that make up wellbeing – physical, mental and financial – it is difficult to say that one is more important than the other. However physical wellbeing is the foundation of the other two. It is also the area that people think of most when they think of wellbeing and indeed was the main element of the original wellness initiatives.[ctt title=”We’ve put together some useful resources on physical wellness in the workplace” tweet=”Check out some great resources on the physical side of #workplace #wellbeing in a blog post by @MartynAnwyl from @XeroxHRInsights http://ctt.ec/Dq607+” coverup=”Dq607″]

We have two articles related to this topic. The first, co-written with Dr. Adejuwon from The Institute of Sports Exercise and Health , looks at physical activity and the importance thereof along with useful links to determine optimum exercise activity per week. We also explore whether all exercise good for you.

The second article, co-written with Anna Mason from The Healthy Employee is a useful reminder of the importance of a balanced diet in achieving optimum physical wellbeing. The Healthy Employee website also includes healthy recipes, useful tips and tools.

We are also pleased to have on our webpage a guide from the Armed Forces which is designed to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goal. The guide covers all areas of activity, from nutrition through to actual workouts, allowing us to see and benefit from the Armed Forces’ view of physical wellbeing.

Our thanks to Dr. Adejuwon, Anna Mason, and Northwood HQ, Armed Forces U.K. for their input.

Get on your bike!

This Thursday is Cycle to work day. What a perfect focal point to raise physical activity in your organisation. The official website has more information including posters to help promote. It’s never too late!

We are also holding our own series of activities and challenges for our employees and here’s a report on what we did to increase physical wellbeing and engagement levels.

Let’s get physical!