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Wiser Health Now Available Through RightOpt® Active Private Exchange

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“What should I do?”

When one of your employees needs to access your health care benefits, you’re often on the receiving end of that question. He or she wants to not only know what the plan covers but also what treatment options are available – and sometimes the options become bewildering. Your employees understand they have shared responsibility for using benefits effectively and wisely, but they can become overwhelmed with the decisions they need to make. Do you feel qualified to advise them? Not likely.

As part of our ongoing effort to invest in meaningful methods that help employers and employees tackle today’s health care challenges, we’ve added Wiser Health®, an online treatment decision support tool from Wiser Together, to RightOpt®, our private health exchange. Wiser Health helps both employers and members reduce costs and improve care.

Members benefit from an increased understanding of their treatment options, allowing them to more effectively evaluate more than 175 health issues based on clinical evidence, patient satisfaction ratings, cost and personal preferences. And through the tools and information available through Wiser Health, employers are able to more actively support employees when they ask “What should I do?” when a health condition arises. After all, evidence-based answers result in fewer instances of unnecessary care and treatment trial-and-error, driving higher employee productivity and reduced costs for employers and employees alike.

Using a single access point portal, RightOpt personalizes the experience for each member and engages the participant throughout the year on all health-related decisions. With the addition of Wiser Health, members now have additional tools to make informed medical decisions. And when members are empowered to become active participants in their health, they’ll achieve better health outcomes.

We remain committed to making lives better by enabling our members to own their overall wellbeing. With Wiser Health, we’re increasing knowledge and extending a success story.

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