PBGC premium rates to increase for 2021

PBGC premium rates to increase for 2021

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PBGC has announced 2021 premium rates for single-employer and multiemployer plans. The rates for both types of plans are indexed to reflect inflation based on changes in the national average wage index (as issued by the Social Security Administration).

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Premium rates

The announced rates for 2021 and 2020 are shown in the following comparative tables.

Single-employer plan rates

Year Per-participant flat rate Variable rate per $1,000 UVBs Variable rate per-participant cap
2021 $86 $46 $582
2020 $83 $45 $561

Multiemployer plan rates


Per-participant flat rate





In closing

Our For Your Reference, a wallet-sized booklet showing retirement plan and other benefit limits and various Social Security and Medicare key figures, will be available shortly from your consultant.

Volume 43 | Issue 66

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