2019 Canadian Healthcare Trend Survey

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Buck recently completed the 2019 Canadian Healthcare Trend Survey and the findings show that drug, health, and dental costs have remained relatively stable. However, premiums are still expected to rise at a steeper rate as insurance providers also factor in market inflation.

To help companies manage their premiums, the report includes recommendations for how plan administrators can – and likely should – evolve their plans to help contain costs. Our recommendations include the following:

  • Make plans more “stage appropriate” for younger employees as their needs may differ from their older peers.
  • Recognise that new diagnostic technology can lead to earlier detection of health conditions (and perhaps to lower plan costs overall, especially if the cost of absence is considered), but covering the cost of new technology may drive plan costs up.
  • Implement wellbeing plans and other support services to help employees and their families lead healthier lives.

If you would like to discuss the details of your plan and possible enhancements or modifications to better align with corporate objectives or to reduce the trend rate of your plan, contact us at

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