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Health Shield occupational health services update

Health Shield occupational health services update

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What’s happening?

As of 14th September 2022, Health Shield have taken the decision to no longer provide occupational health services as part of their health benefits offering.

Over the next week, Health Shield will be writing directly to all their existing occupational health clients to give one month’s notice on their contracts, after which time clients will no longer have access to Health Shield’s occupational health portal. Certain Health Shield cash plan clients can continue to use the occupational health stress intervention services, where included within the cash plan provision.

How can Buck help?

Occupational health services promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of employees, and Buck works with the leading UK occupational health providers. There have been significant pressures on providers delivering occupational health services since the start of the pandemic and resourcing continues to be a challenge.

If you currently use Health Shield’s occupational health services and need to quickly define a new strategy and find an alternative provider, or have concerns over other service providers, Buck can provide advice in this area.

For more information, please contact your consultant or call us on 0800 066 5433.