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Hosting the curious minds of the future workforce

Hosting the curious minds of the future workforce

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We had the privilege of recently hosting three outstanding students from Bates College at Buck’s HQ in New York City.

Zakhar Shtulberg and Courtney Schultz led Joshua Langer’19, Jacob Kauppila’20 and Aidan Denahy ’21 through a day of activities designed to promote and encourage future young professionals. The students gained insight into Buck’s industry and offerings through various activities where they learned tips and tricks from Buck colleagues, rolled up their sleeves in an interactive case study exercise highlighting their thinking and problem-solving skills, and even participated in a personality assessment which helps to shape communication skills – a key component of effective consulting.

Here are a few of the inspiring comments from those involved:

“I found the program incredibly helpful for acclimating me not only to consulting, but the world of business in general.”

“From this job shadow I gained the knowledge and tips I needed to adjust my trajectory towards what employers are looking for in a student.”

“Everyone at Buck was incredibly open and knowledgeable, and they gave me a good introduction to the wide breadth of opportunities in the industry.”

“What I enjoyed about the Buck workplace specifically was the freedom which workers had to branch out and innovate in the company if they had the drive for it, and also the close-knit community.”

“The team culture you guys are promoting is one that I would love to be a part of.”

Hosting the students reminded us of the importance in connecting with and fostering open dialogue with the curious minds of our future workforce. At Buck, we are committed to defining and strengthening the social contract with our most valuable asset – our employees. We recognize that in doing so, we are also dedicated to helping future generations grow and prosper in the workforce.

Shown below: Zakhar Shtulberg, Aidan Denahy, Joshua Langer, and Courtney Schultz

And here are: Lauren Taylor (Buck), Jacob Kauppila (Bates College Student), and Marisa Evans (Buck)