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IRS releases key retirement plan limits for 2022

IRS releases key retirement plan limits for 2022

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The IRS has issued Notice 2021-61 announcing the retirement plan limits for 2022.

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Retirement plan limits

The table below lists the key 2022 limits side by side with those in effect for 2021 — most of these limits have increased from 2021 to 2022.



401(k)/403(b) elective deferral maximum



§415 defined benefit dollar maximum



§415 defined contribution annual addition maximum



§457(b) plan deferral limit



§401(a)(17) annual compensation limit



§414(q) highly compensated employee limit



§414(v) catch-up contribution limit



§416(i) top-heavy key employee officer limit



In closing

Our For Your Reference, a wallet-sized booklet showing retirement plan and other benefit limits, as well as various key Social Security and Medicare figures, will be available shortly from your consultant.

Volume 44 | Issue 38