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People analytics drives decisions for both the individual and the organization.




Through bEquipped™, our analytics solution, we help companies make smarter decisions, faster. But there’s also a human side. We focus as much on the return on employment from the individual’s perspective as on the return on labor from the organization’s.

Why do we care? We know that an individual who thrives in their professional, physical, and financial wellbeing succeeds in life. Those who thrive also drive significant value to an organization. Measuring, monitoring, and predicting this alignment is a game changer for you and your employees.

How do we do it? We look at the whole individual, aggregate all relevant data, and apply 100+ years of consulting experience to draw valuable insights. For example, we’ll look at an organization’s population health and absentee data alongside plan participation and rewards data, and then compare it to productivity data to identify compelling corollaries between wellbeing and business impact.

What value comes from it? By offering both the front-end user experience for the individual as well as the back-end data aggregator, we can predict the likely impact of program design changes, communication outreach, and even market forces — and then measure actual impact over time by being the eyes and ears of your workforce. Armed with data, we can suggest the right actions to help you and your people achieve your collective goals.


Healthcare analytics

The combination of population health, absentee, plan participation, wellness, and related financial data to help you better influence the physical health of your population and help your people effectively manage their health.

Financial analytics

Defined benefit, defined contribution, equity, compensation, and other personal financial data, coupled with business data, helps you assess the ROI on your reward spend and helps your people better manage their short- and long-term financial goals.

Diversity analytics

Talent management, learning and development, succession planning, and related metrics can help to build work environments and reward structures that meet the needs of a multi-generational workforce and support diversity and inclusion goals. Predictive analytics can also help to improve recruitment and retention strategies.

Engagement analytics

Through ongoing interactions gathered through bEngaged™, our front-end aggregation user experience, we measure and predict how people react to program design, communication outreach, and market forces.

Workforce analytics

The combination of health, wealth, career, and engagement analytics gives you the insight needed to make the most effective investments in your people and gives them the tools they need to remain healthy and productive at work and in life.


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