Making DC plans better: An actuary’s take

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We are sponsoring the Conference Board of Canada’s Financial Wellness event on January 23 – 24.

Faisal Siddiqi (Principal and Consulting Actuary, Wealth Practice Leader – Canada) is presenting “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly—An Actuary Advises on How DC Plan Sponsors and Members Can Work Together to Build Financial Literacy and Wellness.”

DC plans have been a feature of the Canadian retirement landscape long enough for their strengths and weaknesses to have become apparent. To help address future risks of people running out of money or retiring with inadequate pensions, how could DC plans be changed using the perspective of an actuary? 

If you’ve ever wondered what an actuary might think a winning DC plan looks like then this is your opportunity to find out. This session will look at common DC plan features and DC plan risks through the lens of an actuary and see what the future DC plan could have to make them more appealing. 

Details of the event are on the Conference Board’s website. We also have a 25% discount code we can offer to our clients who want to attend. Contact Carly Telpner ( to obtain the code.

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