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Simplify the complex with an enhanced user experience

For organizations to successfully leverage the power of multimedia digital tools, we know that people — your people — need to be at the center of everything we do. Our HR software provides all the most valuable insights in a single place.

Does your digital suite have a user-centric design?


Empower your people

Through bEngaged, we aggregate multiple programs and multiple platforms from multiple vendors into a single HR platform view, so it’s easy for your people to use their benefits and make informed decisions for their physical, financial, and professional wellbeing.

Informed by decades of delivering innovative and award-winning engagement technology, our centralized, personal hub experience makes your employee value proposition come to life. Targeted, measured interactions powered by personalized decision support means it’s simple for employees get the most from the programs you offer. It’s available on mobile, tablet, and desktop, so information is assessible whenever and wherever your people need it through the channels they prefer.

But it’s not just for employees. bEngaged is also available for retirees, family members, company alumni, and job candidates to stay involved and informed in managing their own personal situations.

Offering your people a total rewards platform that allows you to easily customize the user experience and deliver a hyper-personalized service to your participants. And behind the scenes, bEngaged leverages people analytics to deliver actionable insights on your programs, giving you clarity into what’s working — and what’s not working — so you can quickly adapt your strategy and improve the effectiveness of your HR and benefits programs.

One view. One platform. One experience. One destination for HR and benefits.

How our HR technology helps

Simplified user experience

When your employees can see all their related data in a single view, they’re able to make more informed decisions about their physical, financial, and professional wellbeing. With integrated programs and platforms, personalized messaging, and real-time dashboard capabilities, you’ll quickly see an increase in employee engagement and program participation.

Decision support and modeling

On-demand tools — including decision support, retirement and equity modelers, and benefits quizzes —offer your people the insights and information to make informed choices based on their unique needs.

Personalized messaging

Targeted messaging based on an individual’s situation, actions, and goals that delivers outcome-based guidance.


Pop-up sites

Our mobile-first pop-up sites enable you to quickly reach employees with the most up-to-date information and resources. They’re available from any device, accessible outside your firewall, ready to go from start-to-finish in 5 –10 days, reflective of your brand, and tailored to your plans and policies.

Total rewards hub

By aggregating data including salary, bonus, commission, equity, savings, benefits, and retirement accounts, you can help your employees understand the full value of working for your organizations.

Benefits hub

When you give employees a single place to access their benefits related to their health, wealth, and careers — along with tools to support them on their journey — they become more engaged in their total wellbeing. And this directly benefits your organization, because healthy employees drive a healthy business.

Employee hub

Bring the employee experience to life across all aspects of HR by making benefits and total rewards information accessible alongside other HR programs and systems, including career development and payroll.