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Deliver equitable and inclusive total rewards that support employee wellbeing

Employees want their employers to demonstrate a strong commitment to DE&I through tangible, measurable workplace investments that create a more equitable and inclusive culture and ingrain DE&I into all aspects of the organization.

Are you looking to become an employer of choice to better attract and retain talent?

Drive business value through equitable and inclusive rewards

Diversity and inclusion spur innovation, boost productivity, and create a healthy, respectful workplace, enabling your organization to leverage the range of unique experiences, perspectives, and ideas that are needed to address today’s complex challenges.

Studies show that companies with diverse executive teams have 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee1 and are 33% more likely2 to have industry-leading profitability.

Our health, retirement, career and engagement consultants will help you incorporate DE&I into your total rewards strategy so your organization can leverage the full potential of a diverse workforce.

Rooted in our approach is a commitment to understanding your goals and objectives so we can meet you wherever you are on your DE&I journey. From assessing the impact of current programs, to program design, to measuring results, we’ll help you take meaningful steps to support your employees and create an inclusive workplace culture that supports their physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing, and allows everyone to thrive at work.

What sets us apart

Our people

Our subject matter experts span health, wealth, career, compliance, analytics, and engagement specialties and are committed to infusing DE&I into our clients’ total rewards strategies to ensure all employees are seen, heard, and cared for.

Our expertise

We apply our proven methodology for analyzing employer and employee data to help you make informed, impactful decisions that propel your organization forward with DE&I integrated into all aspects of your business.

Our thinking

We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. We advocate for forward-thinking concepts and innovative solutions to drive DE&I outcomes and meaningful change within your organization.

How we can help

DE&I total rewards diagnostic assessment

To define current state and identify gaps and potential bias or blind spots, we’ll assess your total rewards programs through the lens of our propriety inclusive and equitable rewards criteria. This allows your organization to identify strategic opportunities to bridge gaps, eliminate bias, ensure inclusiveness, and create equity in your total rewards offerings.

Strategic consulting and roadmap development

We’ll help you prioritize initiatives and build a multi-year roadmap to set strategic business objectives and guide program execution to meet your organization’s cultural objectives and employee needs.

Program implementation and communications

Our team can help support the implementation of agreed upon program recommendations to enhance your total reward offerings, and develop communications that will build engagement for those programs with internal audiences.


Data analytics is indispensable for tracking and measuring the impact of DE&I practices on business performance. We’ll develop a measurement process that connects DE&I objectives to your multi-year strategic roadmap in the form of a report card, so you can monitor progress and demonstrate success.

DE&I report validation

We’ll conduct a third-party validation of your annual DE&I report to demonstrate transparency, accountability, and fortify trust across the organization.


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2 McKinsey & Company, 2017, “Delivering through Diversity”
3 Great Place to Work, April 2021, “Why is Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Important?”