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Webinar: Live Q&A: COVID-19 in a reward and benefits context

Webinar: Live Q&A: COVID-19 in a reward and benefits context

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In this fast-moving and ever-changing global situation, there’s a lot of uncertainty for you and the people in your business. To help provide the insight and support you need at this time, a team of experts from Buck ran an open forum to answer questions live, covering a range of client concerns across the reward and benefits spectrum.

You can watch an on-demand replay of the full Q&A event online here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to hear the response to a specific point raised, we’ve broken down the questions/answers into bitesize chunks below:

1. Annual leave during furlough?

2. Is it worth having PMI if employees can’t claim on it at the moment?

3. Which benefits should I be communicating to employees at the current time?

4. With the volatility in the stock markets, what impacts are you seeing on share plans?

5. Do you see a regression of gig workers and more permanent staff?

6. Insights on changes to benefits in flex schemes such as buying annual leave

7. Impact on Gymflex in flex schemes

8. Can we change employer DC contributions? And can we delay payments to providers to help with cashflow?

9. Do furloughed employees retain entitlement to benefits?

10. Where actively at work clauses exist to the provision of cover, what is the stance of insurers?

11. If we have an excess on our healthcare policy, what happens when employees can’t make claims?

12. Can employees change their pension contributions whilst being furloughed?

13. Are there any exclusions under Group Life policies we should be aware of?

14. Are there any other considerations we should be aware of with our share plan?

15. If pension is linked to life assurance, are there implications if the employee ceases contributions for a short period?

16. Are there any other considerations if we’re running a flex scheme?