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A revolutionary approach to inclusive defined benefit governance

Ever-changing regulations, options, complexity, and costs are impacting how defined benefit pension schemes operate. And driving successful outcomes for trustees, sponsors, and members is becoming ever more difficult.

Does your current approach provide an inclusive, centralised service, offering you both flexibility and strategic ownership?

Speed. Certainty. Control.

Taking an integrated approach to defined benefit pensions governance, Echelon+ brings together our award-winning trustee consulting, administration and technology services to help protect you from increasing complexity and enable you to achieve your long-term objectives quicker and at a lower cost.

Working as one solution, Echelon+ provides:

  • Centralised governance
  • Clear and direct advice
  • Independent oversight
  • Platform-based investment
  • Exceptional member administration
  • Cutting-edge digital communications

Meaning you benefit from future-proofed, day-to-day governance automatically, whilst also letting you keep control of your scheme’s strategic decisions and direction. And all for a single fixed fee.

Echelon+ is powered by Stride™, our digital funding and risk monitoring application, giving you instant access to information on plan governance issues across funding, investment, pensions administration, and progress made against strategic funding and investment objectives.

Echelon+ also includes an online member portal with illustrative transfer values, retirement quotations, newsletters, and enhanced member communications and education. Plus, members can take advantage of our instant webchat functionality to speak directly to their administration team.

What sets us apart

Integrated services

Because all aspects of actuarial consulting, investment consulting, administration, secretarial, covenant, governance, member communications, and even GMP equalisation are covered, you can be sure of a truly inclusive approach, all under the umbrella of a comprehensive governance structure. No more dealing with the inefficiency of having multiple advisers.

Cost certainty

Echelon+ is provided under a single, transparent fee structure, agreed up-front, with no hidden extras, giving you the cost-certainty that you need. It also enables schemes to receive inclusive advice for less than the cost of fiduciary management.

The best of both worlds

We combine the efficiencies of a master trust with the retained ownership of your scheme’s strategic direction. Meaning you get a complete, enhanced service at a price that reflects the economies of scale achieved by being part of a larger group of schemes, whilst maintaining control over your ultimate goals and how you get there.

Centralised governance

The ability to centralise governance offers peace of mind and independent oversight, enabling you to focus time and resources to achieving your long-term objectives.

Reach your objectives quicker

Through the use of directive advice, Echelon+ can reduce the time taken to make and execute key strategic decisions by 18 months over a 10-year period. We accelerate schemes through their journey plans, retaining freedom for trustees, reducing time spent on day-to-day governance, and engaging members so that they actively consider their options.

Superior digital platforms

Data provision is powered by Stride, our online funding and risk monitoring tool that includes a real-time plan governance dashboard. Scheme assets are held on an efficient investment platform, ensuring speed of execution. And members have access to a portal that provides online transfer values, regular newsletters, retirement modelling tools and wider support.

What our clients have to say

“Echelon+ is consolidation vehicle that is perfectly positioned to stay ahead of the constantly evolving day-to-day governance needs of trustees without hampering the control, collaboration, and flexibility around hitting the endgame.”
Independent trustee