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Stride™ pension management software makes managing risk easy

A pension management software with real-time valuations of assets and liabilities are key for effective strategic pension planning, as well as allowing sponsors and trustees to better manage pension plan finances and risks.

Do you need to clearly and simply identify how your scheme is performing against its objectives?

An innovative window into the complex world of valuations, investments, and risk

Stride™ — our digital funding, investment, and risk monitoring application — provides trustees, sponsors, and consultants with access to key daily-monitored actuarial, asset, and risk metrics, and enables users to assess the factors affecting the future journey of the scheme.

Developed in conjunction with our clients, the platform’s responsive web design adheres to cognitive design principles, making it easy and intuitive to access the information you need, anytime, anywhere. For fast, efficient, and reliable data insight into funding levels, hedge ratios, and value at risk, as well as detailed information on assets, liabilities, and cashflows, Stride lets you make decisions with confidence.

Stride allows you to:

  • Access an up-to-date, accurate assessment of pension scheme finances that’s simple, clear, and secure
  • Explore your scheme’s facts and figures instantly, from virtually anywhere, at any time
  • Customise displays based on the defined benefit pension schemes you oversee, offering clarity and insight
  • Ensure you’re never more than three clicks from the insights you need to drive decision-making

What sets us apart


Built with privacy and data protection in mind, Stride is password protected and multi-factor authentication is required for mobile access on your tablet or smartphone.

Consistent and accurate

Developed as an extension of our in-house systems, Stride is compatible with formal funding updates and other funding related reports and links directly to our actuarial software — so your numbers are robust and can be relied upon for monitoring against triggers and strategic decision making. The inbuilt notification area allows you to create user-defined trigger metrics and determine the notification frequency.

Flexible and accessible

Stride is accessible from desktop, tablet, or smartphone through a browser or iPhone/Android app. With one calculation system powering all forms of entry, Stride uses the latest scalable browser and app design techniques to ensure that the system can be viewed consistently on any form of media, with all screens accessible within three clicks. The platform also uses cognitive design principles, with bold iconography and colours to ensure the user experience is both intuitive and enjoyable.

Fast calibration of results

The design of the architecture powering Stride means results can be revisited at any point when more up-to-date data is known, with historic estimates being automatically restated based on the new data. And the risk of recalculation inconsistencies is eliminated, thanks to the automation of the systems behind the scenes powering the interface.

Ready to talk?

“The application’s greatest strength is its clarity. The clearest layout I can recall seeing. I love the simplicity – any user will be able to understand the content.”
Pension scheme chief executive

“The screen icons are intuitive and the graphs easy to follow (and very useful). It’s not over-engineered which is crucial to engage the user.”
Independent trustee