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Building DC schemes fit for the future

Increased DC governance requirements, combined with a greater focus on achieving better value for members, has led to mounting pressures on DC schemes to consolidate.

Is it time to future proof your DC pension scheme?

Supporting trustees. Delivering greater value for employers. Improving outcomes for members.

Although own trust arrangements offer the most flexibility, they also come at a high cost, with increasing compliance and governance requirements adding further cost and risk. Employers and trustees are looking for alternative ways to deliver high-quality pension options to their members in a more cost-effective way.

Master trusts – single pension trusts covering multiple employers – offer the potential for enhanced governance and broad retirement and investment options, with formal governance responsibilities undertaken by the master trust trustees. They provide value for money and can improve outcomes for both employers and members, with superior online tools and communications. And, they can be implemented via bulk transfer of assets, without individual member consent.

Buck’s DC consolidation toolkit provides support to trustees and employers across the end-to-end consolidation process, offering access to truly independent advice and efficient solutions which can be tailored to your scheme-specific strategic objectives.

We guide trustees and employers through four stages of consolidation decision-making:

Advice Due diligence Review Decision

Then afterwards, we work with you to understand your priorities and factor these into master trust selection, as well as leveraging current assets and future contributions for the benefit of all members. Once a solution is agreed, we support you through transition and establishing appropriate oversight to ensure new arrangements continue to meet employer needs going forward.

What sets us apart

Truly independent advice and insight

We have no ties with any master trust, which means you receive independent, non-biased advice on what’s really best for you and your members

A balanced view from the experts

Consolidation consulting and implementation can be undertaken as a standalone project, or as part of existing DC consultancy services. And our recommendations are tailored to each client to address their specific strategic objectives and member needs.

Experienced and award-winning

We’ve already undertaken a number of successful consolidation exercises for both existing and new clients. We’ve also won several recent industry awards across our service spectrum, reinforcing our commitment to what we do.

Underpinned by client-centric values

Our ‘excellent’ Net Promoter Score evidences our commitment to delivering quality advice, guidance, and customer care. And 95% of clients view their Buck team as the most personable, professional, and knowledgeable in the industry.

We’re here to help you

DC consolidation in action: Large U.K. communications agency

Needed to review legacy pension arrangement to allow improved flexibility and value for money for members and the employer.

We reviewed available master trusts before recommending and implementing the most appropriate and competitive solution, supported by multi-channel comms campaign.

Project completed on time, generating savings as projected for the employer, and enhancing online tools and increasing understanding for members.