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Advanced people analytics to get your workforce from where it is today to where it needs to be tomorrow.

When you look at your data across programmes at the same time, in one place, you get actionable insights with predictive people analytics.

Are you getting the right ROI out of your people programmes?


Don’t think you know.Know you know.™

We help companies make smarter decisions, faster, with the measuring, monitoring, and predicting capabilities available through bEquipped. But there’s also a human side. We look at the whole picture, aggregate all relevant data across your pensions and benefits programmes, and apply 100+ years of consulting experience to draw valuable insights. For example, we’ll look at an organisation’s plan participation and rewards data, and then compare it to productivity and absentee data to identify compelling correlations between wellbeing and business impact.

By offering both the front-end user experience for the individual as well as the back-end data aggregator, we can predict the likely impact of plan and programme changes, communication outreach, and even market forces — and then measure actual impact over time by being the eyes and ears of your employees and members. With integrated modelling capabilities, and based on relevant trends, you can look at longer-term predictions for the metrics that matter to you.

Armed with data and people analytics, we offer the HR tech services and insight needed to drive your strategy.

How we can help

Meaningful metrics across data sets

With access to all your data in one view, you can draw correlations across platforms. For example, drawing data from payroll, procurement, and talent management systems to give an accurate view of your on-boarding process. Every dashboard allows you to choose the elements you want and how you want them displayed. Plus, you can apply filters to see details by department, geography, role, ethnicity, and business unit.

Descriptive analytics

bEquipped’s capabilities allow you to gather figures from multiple disparate sources to give you a single integrated view of your pension and reward data. You can look at your productivity per employee, headcount distribution, pension plan performance, and more without having to go to multiple different systems.

Predictive analytics

Having all your key data in a single place allows you to look to the future. Predictive analytics shows you where your current trends will carry you and allows you to model adjustments in the data to see how different scenarios could impact your organisation.

Prescriptive analytics

Using patterns in your data, drawing correlations from the various sources, and using historical trend information, prescriptive analytics can provide recommendations on potential actions you could take to address situations including increased costs or heightened employee awareness of certain benefit offerings.


Benefits analytics

Harness the power of data to provide an aggregated view of your pension and benefit programmes. Armed with action-oriented insights on your plans and your people, you can design, develop, and genuinely tailor your benefit strategy to deliver what’s right for your workforce.

Share plan analytics

Make managing your plans simple, quick, and secure. Online reporting and advanced data analytics allow you to extract up-to-date information on all your plans, including member portal engagement levels and powerful insights into plan participation and saving trends, giving you the tools you need to make well-informed decisions on the success and value of your plans.