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Technology that puts you in control of your equity and rewards plans


Company equity ownership and rewards are essential tools to attract, engage, incentivise, and retain your employees whilst helping to promote financial wellbeing and workplace engagement. But managing potentially complex global plan arrangements and delivering a seamless experience for your international workforce can be challenging.

Is administering your equity and rewards plan overly complex and time-consuming?

Administrative expertise and intuitive, engaging technology combined

Our award-winning plan technology platform and administration services deliver a first-class, high-touch personalised experience for you and your employees. We make it easy for you to manage potentially complex global plan arrangements, simplify your programme administration, reduce costs, and deliver a seamless experience for your international workforce.

The platform is highly adaptable to your organisation’s needs and makes it easy for everyone to view, manage, and transact on their equity, shares, and rewards, from any location. Features include:

  • Interactive tools, encouraging your plan members to become more involved in their plans and make informed choices
  • A single, consolidated view of all plans enabling single point share transaction execution on all plans
  • Intuitive interface and tools, available in multiple languages and currencies
  • Timely communications to highlight plan changes and transaction notifications
  • Real-time updates of shareholdings and transactions

Administration services
Our dedicated administration team offers an end-to-end approach — from answering queries to dealing with complex issues and providing tailored reports. What’s more, our processes and timetables for every plan type are ISO approved.

With more than 25 years’ experience, we have implemented and administered a broad range of U.K., European, and global employee plans, with over 250,000 participant records involving various types of equity, including shares (real and phantom), options, loan notes, negotiable instruments, cash, and carried interest.

Trustee services
Based on our extensive knowledge of employee benefits, equity and share ownership, and rewards trusts, we provide U.K. and offshore trustee services to support all plan types, ensuring full compliance and effective management of assets.

We work with both corporate and private clients and offer trustees’ access to an independent and extensive network of legal and tax advisers and compliance specialists, providing well-regulated, tax-efficient benefits and related services.

What sets us apart

Flexible technology design

Through our adaptable member-facing technology, powered by our bEngaged solution, we offer high levels of portal customisation, so you can provide your people with an engaging user experience.

Client-focused delivery model

Every company is different in terms of how your equity plans are structured and managed. We tailor our processes to meet your unique requirements, delivering a solution that’s right for your employees and your organisation.

In-depth analytics

Gain insight into current participation, engagement, and saving trend data across all your plans to help you make well-informed decisions with online reporting and advanced analytics delivered via our bEquipped technology.

Global reach

As a global organisation, we support international plan design and implementation, helping you align your benefits and reward strategy across all your locations.

Trustee capabilities

With our in-depth understanding of regulatory frameworks, we work with you to create and manage a range of trusts and plans in the U.K., Canada, U.S., Germany, and other international financial centres, offering you the flexibility to adapt to changing legislation both in the U.K. and globally.

We’re here to help you

Share plan administration in action: Financial services company

Existing share incentive plan for U.K. employees but wanted to introduce a comparable plan for non-U.K. regions, to better align incentives and benefits globally.

Buck implemented an international SIP on our equity hub platform, presented as a single global plan, supported by nuanced administration.

Resulted in improved employee engagement, and a global workforce with a real stake in the company’s future.